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    16 Tweets That Perfectly Capture The Agony Of Running Into People From High School

    Please don't talk to me, please don't talk to me.


    going to target in your hometown is just an anxiety fueled game of hide and seek with people you graduated with and don't wanna see


    when I go to the grocery store in my hometown and see seven people I know


    haunted house : your hometown grocery store when everyone is home from holiday and you get stopped every minute by a different person and asked the same questions for an hour straight


    Going to my hometown grocery store trying to avoid everyone like


    Seeing people I went to high school w is SCARY I’m just like “pls don’t talk to me pls don’t talk to me pls don’t talk to m”


    Every conversation at the hometown bar tonight: "Hey!! Long time no see - how are you?" "Good! You?" *awkward hug* "Good! How's the fam? Working in the city now?" "Great! Yup!" "Well ima grab a drink real quick, let's catch up later?" "Sounds Good!" *doesn't catch up later*


    I like my hometown except no one ever leaves it so i’ve managed to run into almost every person I didn’t like in high school in the last 3 days


    Avoiding people at your hometown Wal-Mart is a very important skill in life


    Met a woman at the airport from my hometown. Pretty crazy considering we’re so far from home. I lied when she asked where I’m from, obviously, cuz that would have lead to more small talk. But crazy nonetheless


    going to your hometown Walmart and avoiding the locals


    an app with grindr’s distance-in-feet location technology but just so you can avoid running into people you went to high school with when you visit your hometown


    i want to unfollow so many people from high school on instagram but am terrified of how it might be awkward if i ran into them at my hometown supermarket during the one week a year i visit and now i know why every astrology app says i avoid confrontation


    When I'm in my hometown and a vague acquaintance from high school tries to make small talk with me at CVS


    me at the grocery store after successfully avoiding someone I went to high school with


    Avoiding people you know at the gym in your hometown the day before Thanksgiving is sports


    The idea that it’s a small world after all is lovely. Until you run into people you know. Then it’s horrific.