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20 Posts About Pugs That Prove They're The Most Ridiculous Dog Breed Ever

Fun fact: A group of pugs is called a grumble!

1. First, this pug who's an even cuter version of Baby Yoda:

2. These stylish TV stars:

3. This lil' pug with a green paw:

4. This pug who made the best out of a bad situation:

5. This pug who is PUMPED for dinner:

6. This lil' puggy who really loves their bed:

I like my bed. It makes me feel funny. Goodnight, friendies! #dogs #pugs #dogsoftwitter

7. This pug who wasn't a big fan of bath time:

8. This puggy wuggy just trying to get their daily serving of fruit:

9. This sleepy little puggy wuggy:

10. This pug who looks like they're playing a game of hide-and-seek:


11. This helpful puggy coworker:

12. This pug who flawlessly re-created The Lion King:

13. These pugs going on a magical journey:

14. These pugs who just wanted to make sure they wouldn't get left behind:

15. These pugs who said "NO boop!!!":

16. This pug who invented #TongueOutTuesday:

#TongueOutTuesday #TOT...please disregard the breakfast on my chin 😏 @scribblepug #scribblepugtot #pug #puglife #pugs #pugsoftwitter #dogsoftwitter

17. These pugs who said, "HUH?"

Our Pug Daddy may have an annoying voice but other than that he’s okay...we guess. #HappyFathersDay #PugDaddy #PugHeadTilt

18. This puggo who had the right idea:

19. This pug who absolutely LOVED the beach:

20. And finally, this delightful pug who just wants to cheer you up:

I'm just so thankful these wonderful creatures exist!!!