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    Proof That Pudge From "Looking For Alaska" And Lucas From "One Tree Hill" Are The Same Character

    I will go down with this theory.

    After years of waiting, one of my all-time favorite books, Looking For Alaska by John Green, was finally adapted into a mini-series on Hulu! Obviously, I'm ecstatic and definitely going to talk about nothing but the series for the next several weeks.


    Recently, some people have pointed out that Pudge's portrayer, Charlie Plummer, looks strikingly similar to a certain 2000s teen heartthrob...

    This actor has no business looking so much like Chad Michael Murray. #LookingForAlaska

    The Miles in the Looking For Alaska looks like Chad Michael Murray circa Freaky Friday. Do with this information what you will.

    I’m not hallucinating that the lead of Looking For Alaska looks exactly like a teeny Chad Michael Murray am I

    However, I don't think the similarity is limited to just the actors. I think Pudge is 100% Lucas Scott from One Tree Hill. I don't just mean I think they're similar...I mean I think they're literally THE SAME PERSON. I present my case:

    Warning: minor spoilers ahead.

    First of all, they've both got this whole "misunderstood loner" vibe going for them.

    Hulu, The WB

    They're both really into reading. Or at least quoting stuff from books.

    Hulu, The WB

    They both fall for the tragic, broken "it girl" and are convinced they can "save" her...whatever that means.

    Hulu, The WB

    But they also have romances with the girl's friend. And they're kinda shitty to them, tbh.

    Hulu, The WB


    Deserving better

    Oh, and they walk around saying stuff like this. You know, like any normal teenager.

    Hulu/The WB

    I mean, COME ON. They're literally THE SAME BOY.

    Hulu, The WB
    Hulu, The WB
    Hulu, The WB

    In conclusion:

    Hulu/The WB / NBC

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