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23 Of The Most Ridiculously Dramatic Teen Drama Moments Ever

Someone's gotta tell Lucas Scott he's not THAT great of a writer.

One of the best parts about teen drama shows is, well, the DRAMA. Where would we be without teen angst, kisses in the rain, and fights in the school hallway?

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But every once in a while, there's a scene that's SO incredibly dramatic, it's borderline ridiculous. Maybe it's a cheesy monologue, a huge overreaction, or just something you cannot picture an actual human teenager saying.


Here are 23 of the most over-the-top dramatic moments on teen dramas:

1. First, when Veronica told Archie they couldn't break up because they were "endgame" on Riverdale.

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Petition for these teens to stop using the word "endgame," please. It was cute the first time Kevin said it, but making MOLLY RINGWALD say it?

2. When Clare confronted Eli in front of everyone after he seemed to be over their breakup on Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Clare yells "Did you flip a switch and erase me from your memory?" at Eli

Can you still quote this entire monologue in 2020 or are you normal?

3. When Lucas wrote his super melodramatic college application essays and gave us all extremely unrealistic expectations about our teenage years on One Tree Hill.

Lucas says you'll relate to Haley if you're married, a senior in high school, and unsure if your husband is alive
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Raise your hand if One Tree Hill made you think you were supposed to have a house, a family, and a successful career all by age 21.

4. When Julie asked Marissa what was on her mind and she just started screaming on The O.C.


Look, whatever you think of Marissa, you have to admit this was relatable as hell.

5. When Jesse cracked a raw egg on Rachel's head on Glee.

Rachel tells Jesse to break the egg "like he broke her heart"

6. When Archie and his fellow inmate got into a very heated discussion about high school football on Riverdale.

Archie talks about the "epic highs and lows of high school football"
The CW

I don't know what the proper response is to someone telling you they dropped out in fourth grade to sell drugs, but it's definitely NOT this.

7. When Logan gave his famous "I thought our story was epic" speech to Veronica on Veronica Mars.

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This moment definitely made me swoon though, not gonna lie. Where's MY Logan Echolls?!

8. When Aria needed help moving a dead body out of the trunk of her car and Ezra was REALLY confident he could help on Pretty Little Liars.

Ezra says he has a master's degree in American literature

9. When Amy revealed her pregnancy to Ben and they shared this, um, heartfelt exchange on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Ben comforts Amy by telling her she's "HIS whore"

Let's be real, this show invented dramatic.

10. When Blair just REALLY wanted to hear Chuck admit that he loved her on Gossip Girl.

Blair tells Chuck, "Three words, eight letters. Say it and I'm yours."
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This line was practically born to be a meme.

11. When Valerio explained how he realized he didn't love Lu after all on Elite.


Honestly, Valerio made some points here...but let's not forget he's talking about being in love with his literal SISTER.

12. When Dawson was just *soooo* passionate about his love of movies on Dawson's Creek.

Dawson tells Jen he "rejects reality"
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I just want to know what teenager actually talks like this?!

13. When Hope returned after being nearly erased from Landon's memory forever, and they had this super awkward reunion on Legacies.

Hope says Landon seemed happy without her since he had sex with her friend
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Want some ice for that burn, Landon?

14. When Jughead gave his infamous "I'm a weirdo" speech on Riverdale.

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15. When Lucas told Peyton he wanted to be with her and she stormed out in the middle of making out on One Tree Hill.

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I know she was scared of getting hurt and all, but couldn't you like, just say that instead of dramatically exiting the room?

16. When Ryan and Marissa first met at the Cohens' driveway on The O.C..

Marissa asks Ryan who he is and he responds, "Whoever you want me to be"

This was iconic, but literally who answers that question like this?

17. When Miles showed his whole class graphic footage of his boyfriend getting surgery following the bus crash in Degrassi: Next Class.

Miles gives a dramatic speech in class about not giving up on Tristan's recovery

I know Miles was in pain and all, but WHO DOES THIS? Also, were we just supposed to forget that Miles is talking about the same guy who literally called him a man whore just a few episodes prior to this?

18. When Finn told Quinn's parents she was pregnant by singing "(You're) Having My Baby" at their family dinner on Glee.


This is just PAINFUL.

19. When Lucas told Brooke he wasn't going to fight for her anymore on One Tree Hill.

Lucas says he isn't the guy for Brooke
The WB

I know this was a callback to the speech he gave her on the beach that past summer, but who goes out of their way to find their ex at a party and tell them how wrong they were about them? Especially when Lucas was the one who couldn't stop cheating on Brooke!

20. When Archie had this striking comeback for his dad on Riverdale.

Archie scoffs, "I survived a bear attack, Dad"
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Parents just don't understand!

21. When Jess stole Rory's book to put notes in the margins and they had this cheesy exchange on Gilmore Girls.

Rory says she thought Jess said he didn't read much and he responds, "what is much?"
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I love Jess Mariano with all my heart, but let's be honest, sometimes that boy talked like he belonged on Dawson's Creek.

22. When Eli still thought Clare's baby was Drew's and not his, so he had some choice words for her on Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Eli tells Clare he "didn't expect to see tears from such a whore"


23. And finally, when Blair effectively banished Jenny from all of New York City and literally nobody questioned it on Gossip Girl.

Blair tells Jenny to leave and never come back
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When Blair Waldorf says you gotta go, you gotta go!

Got any other favorite over-the-top teen drama moments that didn't make this list? Tell us about them in the comments!

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