16 Reasons No Show Is More Millennial Than "The O.C."

    They just don't make them like Seth Cohen anymore.

    1. You were always reminded how cool flip phones were and that you NEEDED one.

    Paris Hilton calls it a camera phone and says it's "the autograph of the 21st century"

    2. You thought it was hot how all of the popular guys sported patterned button-down shirts and puka shell necklaces.

    Luke in Season 1

    3. The re-creation of the iconic Spider-Man kiss gave you ridiculously high romance expectations.

    4. Seth Cohen got you into Death Cab for Cutie.

    Seth to Summer, "Do not insult Death Cab"

    5. You wished you could take your crush to see the Killers at The Bait Shop.

    The Killers concert at The Bait Shop

    6. You watched the Lord of the Rings movies at the same time as the core four.

    Summers describes Lord of the Rings as "that movie about the gay guys on the mountain"

    7. You still remember all the guest stars years later.

    Donnie pointing gun at Luke at party

    8. You were obsessed with the classic "bad boy, girl next door" romance between Ryan and Marissa.

    9. The holiday episodes made you really, really want your family to celebrate Chrismukkah.

    10. This episode kind of made you want to get trapped in the mall with your friends overnight.

    Seth to Summer: "Backstage pass to the mall, that's so cute!"

    11. You were into Grand Theft Auto like Seth and Ryan, or you at least played it at a friend's house once.

    Seth asks Ryan to play "Grand Theft Auto" with him in the pilot

    12. The phrase, "Welcome to The O.C., bitch," is firmly cemented into your memory.

    13. You'll never forget this iconic Ryan Atwood line either:

    14. You were either in love with Seth or Ryan, and which boy was better was a hotly debated topic in your friend group.

    Seth to Ryan about Summer: "It's fate, it's destiny, we both like burritos"

    15. You were actually scarred for life when Marissa died.

    16. And finally, this scene lives in your mind rent-free:

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