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    31 Of The Most Shocking Teen Drama Betrayals Of All Time

    We'll never forgive the writers for so many of these!

    Hi, my name is Kelly, and I watch way too many teen dramas. From Degrassi: The Next Generation to Euphoria, there's no shortage of shows I love.

    meme of SpongeBob fish banging on the ground surrounded by hearts captioned "Me when someone mentions 90210 or Degrassi"

    One of my favorite things about teen dramas is, well, the drama of them! I honestly love seeing all the chaos and fallout that comes with everyone making very bad decisions all the time. But man, these TV characters can be BRUTAL sometimes. There are some plots from years ago that I honestly still think about and get angry over to this very day.

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    So, I thought I'd make a mega-list of the biggest teen drama betrayals and scandals of all time. Obviously, some are far worse and less forgivable than others. Without further ado, here are 31 of the most shocking:

    WARNING: Spoilers ahead, including for Season 2 of Euphoria and the Season 1 finale of Cruel Summer!!!

    Note: Some of the following contain references to abuse, sexual assault, and suicide.

    1. First, when Lucas cheated on Brooke with her best friend, Peyton, multiple times on One Tree Hill.

    Lucas says he doesn't want to hurt Brooke or get between the two of them but he has to be with Peyton, they resume making out

    2. When Dan shot and killed his own brother, Keith, on One Tree Hill.

    Dan shoots Keith

    3. When Nathan and Brooke's sex tape from years ago was revealed at a party on One Tree Hill.

    Nathan and Brooke looking shocked in the crowd as the video plays

    4. When Cassie hooked up with her best friend Maddy's ex-boyfriend, Nate, behind her back on Euphoria.

    Rue: "Hey Cass? I have a quick question for you," Cassie: "Yeah?" Rue: "How long have you been fucking Nate Jacobs?"

    5. When Paige literally tried to drown Emily on Pretty Little Liars.

    Paige shoves Emily's head under water, "What the hell Paige?!"

    6. When Toby worked with the A Team to "protect" Spencer and then let her think he was dead on Pretty Little Liars.

    7. When Ezra revealed that he'd known Aria's age from the beginning and that he'd initially started dating her because he was writing a book on Alison, who he also had an inappropriate relationship with, on Pretty Little Liars.

    Ezra tells Aria he knew who Aria and her friends were and that's why he started teaching at Rosewood

    8. When Paige went to the police and told them Alison was alive, putting her in danger, after Emily had begged her not to on Pretty Little Liars.

    Emily confronts Paige and says she had promised her she wouldn't tell, Paige says she did it to protect her

    9. When Serena and Nate slept together at a wedding while he was dating her best friend, Blair, on Gossip Girl.

    Serena: "I thought everything was good between us," Blair: "It was, before I found out you had sex with my boyfriend"

    10. When Chuck traded Blair for a hotel on Gossip Girl.

    Blair says she would have done anything to help Chuck if he'd asked, Chuck said that wouldn't have worked if she was "too willing" and that he did what he had to do to win

    11. When Serena secretly recorded her and Dan having sex to get revenge on Blair on Gossip Girl.

    Dan realizes it was recording them: "You manipulated me into thinking it was over so I would cheat on her!"

    12. When, after all this time, Dan was finally revealed as Gossip Girl on Gossip Girl.

    13. When Craig cheated on Ashley with Manny and got the latter pregnant, and then Ashley exposed the pregnancy to the entire school on Degrassi: The Next Generation.

    Ashley: "Guys these two have an announcement to make, they're too modest so I'll spread the joy, these two idiots are pregnant, that's right, because it's way too difficult to use a condom," Craig looks shocked, Manny cries

    14. When Emma dated Peter knowing that he had filmed her best friend, Manny, while she was drunk and then sent a topless video of her around to the whole school on Degrassi: The Next Generation.

    15. When Zoë hooked up with Zig (who was dating Maya at the time) and secretly recorded it on Degrassi: Next Class. Basically, Zoë was blindsided and hurt that Grace told her she wasn't gay after they had sex, so she hooked up with Grace's crush and showed her the evidence.

    Grace sees the video of Zoe and Zig and looked shocked

    16. When Dylan and Kelly got together while Brenda, Dylan's girlfriend and Kelly's best friend, was away in Paris for the summer on Beverly Hills, 90210.

    Kelly: "This summer while you were in Paris..." Dylan: "Look I told you I was with a girl right? Kelly was the girl," Brenda stares and looked shocked and hurt

    17. When Naomi's sister manipulated and slept with her sister's boyfriend, Liam, after prom and let everyone think it was Annie on 90210.

    Naomi walks in on Liam getting dressed after sex

    18. When Adrianna swapped Silver's bipolar medication to "get even with her" for hooking up with her boyfriend, Navid, on 90210.

    Adrianna tries to apologize, Silver says: "You think switching my meds and sending me on a bipolar tailspin was a mistake because I didn't get into the college that I wanted?"

    19. When Archie revealed that he actually wrote the song for Betty, not Veronica, on the dance floor at prom on Riverdale.

    Archie tells Veronica he wrote the song for Betty and they kissed once but didn't want to hurt her or Jughead

    20. When Omar cheated on Ander with his sister's boyfriend while Ander was going through chemotherapy on Elite.

    Malick asks about Ander, Omar says "Ander isn't here"

    21. When Asher gave the team's playbook to their rival team because he was mad that he was forced to sit out of the game on All American.

    Asher says he made a mistake in a moment of weakness because his life was falling apart, Jordan asks how many times he's going to use that "sorry-ass excuse" to cover himself

    22. When Zoya began dating Obie, her sister's ex-boyfriend, immediately after the two broke up on Gossip Girl (2021).

    Zoya and Obie kiss

    23. When Ben and Adrian had sex in his car — which resulted in Adrian getting pregnant — because they were both upset that Amy and Ricky kissed on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

    Adrian asks Ben if he could "use some company," he says he could, they smile at each other suggestively

    24. When Scott didn't believe his best friend, Stiles, when Theo tried to convince him that Stiles purposefully killed Donovan on Teen Wolf.

    Stiles: "believe me Scott, say you believe me," Scott just looks at him sadly

    25. When Julie slept with Luke, her teenage daughter's ex-boyfriend, on The O.C.

    Luke and Julie kissing outside the motel

    26. When Ani hooked up with Bryce knowing he was a sexual abuser and that he had raped her friend Jessica on 13 Reasons Why.

    Ani says Clay refused to see Bryce as anything but a monster instead of a human being trying to change, "Would you want your entire life to be judged by the worst thing you've ever done?"

    27. When Rachel cheated on Finn with Puck because she found out he slept with Santana before they were together on Glee.

    Rachel tells Finn she hooked up with Puck because she was hurt and wanted to make Finn feel as bad as she felt, Finn says he "knew Rachel was a lot of things but he never thought she was mean"

    28. When Ginny slept with Max's twin brother, Marcus, and she found out, causing everything to blow up between the entire friend group at Max's play on Ginny & Georgia.

    Ginny asks Max what she did, Max says Ginny had sex with her brother

    29. When Rory and Dean had an affair while he was married to Lindsay on Gilmore Girls.

    Rory and Dean about to have sex

    30. When Clarke shot and killed Bellamy over a sketchbook — and then didn't even take the sketchbook — on The 100.

    Bellamy says they can end all this suffering and that he's sorry, Clarke shoots him

    31. And finally, when it was revealed that Jeanette heard Kate cry out for help in Martin's basement and just left her there for months on Cruel Summer.

    Kate screams for help and Jeanette just smirks creepily

    What teen drama betrayals rile you up? Tell us in the comments!