29 Random McDonald's Items That Actually Existed And, Like, Yes, They Actually Served SOUP At One Point

    I was today years old when I learned that McDonald's used to sell McSoup.

    1. First, the McPizza (yes, this wasn't just a fever dream):

    A pizza pie with pepperoni

    2. Back when apple pies were actually DEEP-FRIED:

    A deep-fried apple pie

    3. The Catfish Sandwich:

    Blurry photo of a thin piece of fish in a bun

    4. These McDonaldland Cookies that I can still smell:

    5. The Hula Burger, a short-lived '60s product that was literally just...grilled pineapple and cheese on a bun:

    Thick slice of pineapple with two slices of cheese in a plain bun

    6. Mighty Wings, which lasted on the menu for just a year:

    A three-piece box of Mighty Wings

    7. McSalad Shakers, because who wouldn't want to eat salad in a fun little cup?

    Cups of garden, chef, and grilled chicken Caesar salads

    8. McSpaghetti for when you wanted to treat your special someone to a fancy dinner:

    Spaghetti, red sauce, and cheese in a takeout box

    9. McStuffins, aka the McDonald's equivalent of a hot pocket:

    Pastries with various stuffings

    10. The Pasta Zoo Happy Meal, which had animal-shaped pasta, dipping sauce, and a fun toy:

    A Coming Soon poster for the Happy Meal

    11. These Fish McBites I 100% forgot were a thing:

    Fish pop-'ems

    12. The Smarties McFlurry, which disappeared in 2015:

    A McFlurry with Smarties chocolate candies

    13. The McDLT, a classic cheeseburger served in a Styrofoam container that separated the meat from the veggies (tomatoes! lettuce!!!) and sauce:

    Poster for the McDLT, which "found a way to keep the lettuce and tomato cool...and the quarter pound of beef hot!"

    14. The Nerds McFlurry straight from Mr. Wonka himself:

    An advertising poster for the Nerds McFlurry

    15. Those ooey-gooey, good ol' Cinnamon Melts:

    A pack of Cinnamon Melts, "meltingly delicious!"

    16. Onion Nuggets, which were, uh, a cross between onion rings and nuggets:

    Poster for Onion Nuggets

    17. The fancy-schmancy Chopped Beefsteak Sandwich:

    A slice of beef in a bun with onions

    18. Chicken Selects, which were sadly phased out for good in 2020:

    A box of 5 Chicken Selects with Sweet Chili dip

    19. These itty-bitty Chicken McBites:

    Chicken McBites in a bucket

    20. The Chicken Fajitas, a '90s experiment that should probably stay there:

    A plain tortilla with plain chicken pieces inside

    21. The McLobster, a short-lived seasonal item consisting of a lobster roll served on a hot dog bun with "lobster sauce":

    Lobster meat inside a bun

    22. The short-lived Mozzarella Sticks:

    Mozzarella sticks with dipping sauce

    23. The mouthwatering Arch Deluxe, which they should honestly bring back:

    A thick brioche-type burger with relish, cheese slices, tomatoes, and lettuce

    24. The McHotDog:

    A hot dog in a bun with pickles, ketchup, and cheese

    25. Szechuan Sauce:

    A pack of Czechwan Sauce

    26. The Big N' Tasty, which was supposed to compete with Burger King's Whopper:

    A burger with tomatoes, relish, lettuce, and onion on a sesame seed bun

    27. The Shanghai McNuggets, a 1987 item that came with fortune cookies, chopsticks, and sauces like teriyaki and sweet-and-sour:

    A container of Shanghai Chicken McNuggets, "It's a good time for the great taste"

    28. McSoup, which was literally just...this???

    A cup of soup with corn, chicken, and pasta

    29. And finally, these classic Happy Meal toys:

    Toy fries and burgers

    H/T: r/nostalgia.

    What other forgotten fast-food items do you miss? Tell us in the comments!