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    Cassie Steele's "Degrassi" TikTok Is The Best Thing I've Seen All Year

    "I wanna be hot! Not cute, not adorable. Hot."

    Unless you're cuckoo bananas, you remember Manny Santos from Degrassi: The Next Generation, aka the best character ever.

    Manny had so many iconic hairstyles and outfits on the show, from pink tracksuits to front bangs.

    Recently, _Degrassi _actor Cassie Steele blessed us with a TikTok rating Manny's most memorable looks on a scale of 1–10, and I'm kinda obsessed.

    Here's a breakdown of Cassie's ratings:

    1. Young Manny outfit

    pink tie dye and flower light denim wash jeans

    2. Velour pink tracksuit

    tight tracksuit showing midriff

    3. Sheer crop top, jeans, and pink thong

    Manny and Craig kissing and dancing

    4. Short, choppy haircut

    shoulder-length bob with layers and bangs

    5. Blonde hair and short bangs

    6. University Manny

    natural long wavy hair with fringe bangs, wearing cute patterned scarf

    7. And finally, the iconic blue thong look

    Manny walking down hallway in famous Season 3 scene showing her thong

    Thank you to Cassie Steele and the Degrassi gods for brightening my 2020.