26 Wild Things I Forgot Actually Happened In The "One Tree Hill" Pilot

    I can't believe Brooke wasn't in this!

    One of my absolute favorite TV shows is One Tree Hill.

    "One Tree Hill" main cast

    It's the story of two estranged half-brothers, Lucas and Nathan, whose lives suddenly collide when they find themselves on the same high school basketball team. It's filled with drama, love triangles, and so, so much angst — it was THEEE show of my teenage years!!!

    Recently, I decided to go back and rewatch the pilot to see how it held up after all these years — and man, did I have a lot of thoughts! Here are 26 things I noticed while rewatching the first episode:

    Warning: spoilers ahead!!!

    1. Wow, James Lafferty (Nathan) looks SO young here. Fun fact: he was only 18 when this pilot aired.

    James Lafferty as Nathan labeled "actual teenager" alongside Chad Michael Murray as Lucas labeled "not a teenager"

    2. Oh man...it's weird and kinda sad seeing Jimmy here knowing what happens in Season 3. See episode “With Tired Eyes, With Tired Minds, With Tired Souls, They Slept.”

    Jimmy and Mouth being "sportscasters" at the river court

    3. HOW did Nathan just steal a school bus like this after the basketball game?!! These kids are wild.

    Nathan driving school bus captioned "lol YOLO"

    4. Wait, why is Peyton mad at Lucas when she's the one who almost ran him over on his way back from the River Court? This is the one and only time I will side with Lucas Scott.

    Peyton stares at Lucas with her mouth open after almost running him over with her car

    5. OMG, of course Nathan gets off the hook for the school bus incident even though he was literally the one driving the freaking bus.

    meme of Nathan saying "but Dad I drove" and Dan saying "quiet son"

    6. "My best friend is an idiot." Buckle up, Haley — you're gonna be saying that a LOT throughout this series.

    Haley holds magazine up to Lucas, jokingly calls it the "'my best friend is an idiot' issue"

    7. I'm so, so grateful the writers never made Lucas and Haley a couple.

    Haley: "Which implies some 'Joey loves Dawson' scenario and completely creeps me out"

    8. Alright, now Keith is showing Whitey Lucas's game at the River Court to convince him to consider him for varsity. Out of context, them just spying on these teens like this looks super creepy.

    9. Seeing Nathan and Peyton as a couple is so weird. Also, WOW, I forgot how terrible Nathan was in the very beginning.

    Nathan calls Peyton a bitch and tells her to sit in her closet and listen to her loser rock

    10. God, can you imagine how weird it would be to have a half-sibling, who you grew up totally estranged from, in all of your classes at school? Like, what if you got paired up for a group project or something? Awkward.

    meme of Whitey calling "Scott" and Lucas saying "he means me dumbass" to Nathan

    11. Whitey comparing a high school gym to a church feels...very weird.

    Whitey: "I like my gym quiet clean kinda like a church, a lot of praying done here"

    12. Show me a real-life teenage boy who speaks like this with a straight face. I'll wait.

    Lucas tells Whitey, "I say the people who pray here are wasting their time, God doesn't watch sports" and dramatically exits gym

    13. Dan Scott has been the worst from the very beginning. Also, we don't talk enough about how this man really got two girls pregnant within a couple months of each other as a teenager.

    meme of Dan saying, "tell this kid not to join the team" and Nathan replying, "you mean your son?"

    14. IDK why, but Nathan trying to intimidate Lucas is so funny to me. I just...cannot take this seriously. I guess they're gonna play a one-on-one game to settle this.

    meme of Nathan circling Lucas captioned, "bawk bawk bawk, chicken"

    15. Not Lucas mansplaining random, useless bird terminology to Haley...this is why nobody likes you, Luke.

    Lucas tells Haley that more than one crow is called a murder

    16. I know Peyton is pissed at Nathan and doesn't really like Lucas yet, but this feels like a wildly dramatic response to someone offering you a ride home.

    Peyton goes on a dramatic rant about how Lucas doesn't know her and how guys are such jerks

    17. I...I cannot with these kids.

    Lucas asks Peyton if she's ever had something she's better at that anyone else, she replies "sex"

    18. Why do characters always tell these deeply personal stories about their childhood trauma to people they barely know?

    Lucas tells Peyton the story of why he quit junior league basketball

    19. Sassy Nathan is my favorite version of Nathan.

    Dan: "If I wanted a daughter I'd adopt one," Nathan: "So you could abandon her too?"

    20. Alright, time for Nathan and Lucas's little one-on-one game. Couldn't they have played this earlier? It's almost midnight — do none of these kids have a curfew?

    11:30 on Lucas' clock

    21. OMFG, the terms of Lucas and Nathan's bet...excuse me, is this the 1800s?!

    Nathan:"Lucas gets you if he wins," Peyton: "Do I not get any fucking say in this?"

    22. This whole game is stupid. Either join the team or don't, Lucas. Why must the whole town be involved in your weird family drama?

    meme of Nathan walking onto the court, "I'm the shit' and Lucas saying, "so I guess we're not celebrating National Siblings Day?"

    23. I wish Brooke was in this episode. I can't believe they didn't add her character until after the pilot!

    crowd by the court captioned, "no Brooke" with a sad face

    24. Annnnd after a ton of back-and-forth, Lucas wins by one basket! Sorry, Nathan.

    meme of Lucas captioned, "yahoo, I'm the best, you suck Nathan"

    25. "I'll be seeing ya" — and so it begins...

    26. Okay, one final note — WHY was Peyton allowed to have a webcam that just recorded her in her room 24/7 for the whole world to see?

    Peyton watching herself on webcam

    Well, that was quite the wild ride! Got any other teen dramas you think I should rewatch the first episode of? Tell me in the comments!