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Which Female TV Characters Were Audiences Too Hard On?

Justice for Marissa Cooper.

It's no secret that female characters are often held to unfair standards. A lot of times, they're deemed "unlikable" or "annoying" for not being perfect, or they're judged much more harshly than male characters.

There are some characters who are just awful, obviously. But there are others who, looking back, maybe didn't deserve the hate.

Karen from "The Office" deserved better

So, we want to know: In your opinion, which female TV characters were unfairly hated?

Maybe you actually really liked Marissa on The O.C. and thought she deserved a happy ending. Maybe you thought everyone was too hard on her, considering all the trauma she had been through at such a young age.

Maybe you thought everyone judged Jessica from 13 Reasons Why way too harshly. Maybe you thought she deserved a lot more love from fans after everything her character had been through.

Maybe Skyler from Breaking Bad wasn't necessarily your favorite character, but you thought she got a really disproportionate amount of hate compared to the guys on the show. I mean, really — how many of us would react totally calmly to what Walter was doing?!

Or maybe you thought everyone judged Vanessa from Gossip Girl way too harshly and that she actually wasn't that bad at all. Maybe you thought it was unfair how often she was singled out when literally EVERYONE on that show did horrible things.

Tell us which female TV characters you think were unfairly hated and why! Your response could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.