19 Differences Between The "Gossip Girl" Books And Show That Have Me Gobsmacked

    Blair and...Eric?!

    Before Gossip Girl was a CW show starring Leighton Meester and Blake Lively, it was a YA book series! There are some pretty wild differences between the books and the TV show. Here are 19 of the biggest differences:

    🚨 Spoilers ahead! 🚨

    1. First of all, Blair and Chuck's iconic relationship never happens in the books.

    2. Blair's main love interest in the books is Nate, and the love triangle between Blair, Serena, and Nate is way more intense.

    3. On the show, Serena left for boarding school because she thought she was responsible for Pete's death since she did cocaine with him. In the books, she left purely because she hooked up with Nate.

    4. Eleanor and Cyrus have a baby in the books, but not on the show.

    5. In the books, Eric is older than Serena. He's also not gay like he is on the show.

    6. Dan dates his male coworker Greg in the books.

    7. Nate is a total stoner in the books.

    8. In the show, Lily and Rufus are high school sweethearts and secretly had a son together. They don't have any sort of relationship in the books.

    9. Vanessa has a shaved head in the books.

    10. Similar to Blair and Chuck's romance, Dan and Serena's relationship isn't nearly as significant in the books as it is on the show.

    11. Jenny idolizes Serena in the books. On the show, she idolizes Blair.

    12. Blair and Eric have a fling in the books.

    13. Nate and Vanessa never date in the books.

    14. You know who Nate DID date in the books, though? Georgina Sparks.

    15. Chuck has a pet monkey named Sweetie in the books.

    16. In the show, Serena returns from boarding school because of Eric. In the books, she gets kicked out of school for partying too much.

    17. Vanessa and Blair are roommates in the books.

    18. On the show, Jenny loses her virginity to Chuck. In the books, her first time is with Nate.

    19. And finally, Gossip Girl's identity is never revealed in the books.

    Which of these differences surprised you the most? Do you think some of these book storylines should have been included in the show? Let us know in the comments!