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    21 Scenes From The "Twilight" Movies That Are Pure Comedic Genius

    "Hold on tight, spider monkey."

    All of the Twilight movies are now streaming on Netflix! I don't know about you, but this has greatly improved my week.

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    Now, the movies are a ton of fun — they're packed with romance, action, and so much drama. But let's be real: The best part is how utterly ridiculous the whole series is.

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    Here are 21 Twilight moments that are still hilarious in 2021:

    Obviously, spoilers ahead!

    1. First, when Bella walked into the classroom and this was Edward's first reaction to her.

    Edward covers his nose from Bella's scent
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    Name a better meet-cute moment. I'll wait.

    2. When Eric flirted with Bella the way any teenage boy would.

    Eric: "Bella, look. It's a worm"
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    3. This conversation that's just way too funny out of context.

    "Is she even Italian?" "Her name is Bella"
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    Actually, it's funny in context too.

    4. When Edward revealed his vampire body in the most dramatic way possible...

    Edward: "This is what I am"; Bella: "It's like diamonds"
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    5. ...and Bella reacted to him being a vampire the way any normal person would.

    Edward: "I'm designed to kill." Bella: "I don't care."
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    Edward: "My dick will literally kill you." Bella: "Bring it."

    6. When Edward told Bella he frequently broke into her room to watch her sleep at night and everyone acted like it was super romantic instead of, you know, creepy.

    Edward: "I like watching you sleep." Bella smiles.
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    7. When Edward graced us with one of the most romantic lines in cinematic history.

    Edward to Bella: "Hold on tight, spider monkey"
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    8. When the Cullens hosted the greatest sporting event of ALL TIME.

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    9. When Bella got a paper cut and Jasper just went for it.

    Jasper lunges for Bella
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    10. This very dramatic sequence of Bella saving Edward at the end of New Moon.

    Edward unveils sparkly body, Bella leaps over fountain to save him
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    11. Whenever Edward would bring up that, despite looking the same age as Bella, he was actually old enough to be her great-grandfather.

    Edward: "I'm 109!"
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    It's true, but he shouldn't say it.

    12. When Jacob stripped in front of Bella's dad to explain that he was a werewolf, because there was apparently no other way to prove this.

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    13. When Bella wanted to have sex, so Edward promptly schooled her on the evils of premarital sex.

    Edward: "Stop trying to take your clothes off. It might be too late for my soul...but I WILL protect yours."
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    14. When Edward finally just said what he was thinking.

    Edward about Jacob: "Doesn't he own a shirt?"
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    I, for one, am not complaining.

    15. When Jacob gave this extremely passionate speech.

    Jacob: "[Edward's] got his hooks in you so deep! They're not even alive... It makes me sick."
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    16. And when he had some helpful survival tips about surviving the cold.

    Jacob cuddling with Bella: "You'll warm up soon...faster if you take your clothes off... Survival 101"
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    17. This very funny side conversation at Bella's wedding.

    Jess says Bella must be pregnant. "Who else gets married at 18?"
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    18. Just how deeply uncomfortable Charlie looked walking Bella down the aisle at her and Edward's wedding.

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    Charlie is the best dad in cinematic history. Change my mind.

    19. When Bella and Edward had sex for the first time and he literally broke the bed.

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    20. When Bella threw up once and just instantly concluded that she was pregnant.

    Bella throws up. "I think that I'm pregnant!"
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    I know this wasn't a typical pregnancy but still, this trope will never not be funny to me.

    21. And finally, the most iconic scene in all of cinematic history.

    Bella to Jacob: "Nessie? You nicknamed my daughter after the Loch Ness Monster?!"
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    Well, if you need me, I'll be binging the entire series!

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