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I'm Still Not Over The "Rugrats" Episode About Angelica's Brother


You probably remember the show Rugrats. Y'know, that '90s cartoon about the babies who can secretly talk and have all these crazy adventures. It's generally a wholesome, silly show.

BUT. There's one episode that pretty much traumatized everyone who watched it. And I'm here to ruin your day by reminding you of its existence:

The episode starts with our 3-year-old queen Angelica Pickles just living her best life as an only child.

But then Angelica's parents, Charlotte and Drew, have a surprise announcement: they're having a baby! And Angelica is shook.

Soon, Angelica's parents can't seem to talk about anything except for the new baby. Literally, it's all they talk about. And Angelica worries they've forgotten her.

One night, Angelica drifts off to sleep and has a dream about the new baby. At first the dream seems totally normal and cute...

... except it's not. Because this "baby" is a literal fucking NIGHTMARE!!!

His name is Big Boy Pickles and he's TERRIFYING. He's about 12-feet tall (and somehow just keeps getting bigger??) and ridiculously creepy-looking. He chases Angelica all over town...

... and then literally tries to EAT HIS OWN SISTER!!!!!

I can still hear him screaming, "Now you're num-nums!"

Luckily, Angelica wakes up from her nightmare and realizes the giant devil baby isn't actually real...

... but wait! It also turns out Charlotte isn't really pregnant after all.

You're telling me we went through all that emotional turmoil for nothing?

So yeah, in conclusion... I'm still messed up over this.