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    15 Elevators That Made Me Go, "You Know What, I'll Just Take The Stairs"

    When down is up and up is down...

    1. First, this absolute chaos:

    2. This design that had us in the first half:

    3. This design that feels like there was a lack of communication somewhere:

    4. This mildly infuriating layout:

    5. This elevator that's just all over the goddamn place:

    6. This elevator that apparently leads straight to hell:

    7. This elevator that doesn't leave a whole lot of room for options:

    8. This layout that looks like something out of Spy Kids:

    9. This elevator that makes me just want to give up:

    10. This design that should be illegal:

    11. This layout that looks like a math test I'd probably fail:

    12. This elevator with three very simple, but irritating options:

    13. This layout that isn't really helped by its equally confusing instructions:

    14. This panel that's not only confusing, but also desperately needs a paint job:

    15. And finally, this absolute MONSTER: