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    16 Apartment Hunting Tweets That Made Me Laugh And Cry At The Same Time

    If only I had the budget of HGTV couples.

    One of the biggest challenges of being an ~adult~ is finding a decent place to live without going completely broke in the process.


    Looking for an apartment can be fun — but let's be honest, it's mostly just stressful AF. Here are 16 tweets about apartment hunting that are way too real:

    1. This live look at me after spending 20 minutes on Zillow:

    Apartment hunting is so damn stressful I’m finna live in a paper box

    Twitter: @AlfredLewislll

    2. This very odd, but accurate truth:

    Apartment hunting online is dumb bc they’ll have 795 pictures of the lobby like tf am I supposed to do with this???

    Twitter: @parisCo_

    3. This tweet that made me laugh harder than it should have:

    Ian apartment hunting no more. Imma just go to Home Depot

    Twitter: @_Mr_Smooth

    4. This very real statement:

    Apartment hunting really exposes your inner boujie lol

    Twitter: @tgeoo_

    5. This crushing realization:

    Apartment hunting is so fun until you read the reviews on Yelp and everyone crushes your future home's hopes and dreams

    Twitter: @LindseyHughes

    6. This tweet that's just way too real:

    Apartment hunting is so hard cause as soon as I don’t like the bathroom it’s over.

    Twitter: @pxm__

    7. This sad truth:

    Apartments .com be catfishing like a mf

    Twitter: @DASILVAdakid

    8. This double-edged sword that pains me so, so much:

    Apartment hunting is wild annoying. You would like a kitchen but the room is trash. You would like the room but the kitchen trash. You could never win.

    Twitter: @aminKnows

    9. This tweet that made me go, "Yup, that's me":

    If you’re between the ages of 20-35, there’s a 1000% chance that you are a whore for exposed brick while apartment hunting

    Twitter: @BigTucsonDad

    10. This tweet I need stamped on my forehead:

    Looking for an apartment to rent. My budget is $2.

    Twitter: @lionofjudah868

    11. This really upsetting reality:

    Looking for apartments in NYC is wild depressing. Like how you put a fridge on top of a bed and want 1375 a month for it?

    Twitter: @_bg0ld

    12. This actual footage of me:

    me looking for apartments in LA and NYC with $0.83 in my account

    Twitter: @EARTH2TEN

    13. This conundrum I'm very, very sick of:

    I hate looking for apartments online. What is the truth.

    Twitter: @jacasiegel

    14. This Stuart Little apartment I would honestly pay for if the rent was reasonable:

    Twitter: @ayebenzoo

    15. This unsettling reality of finding an affordable apartment in a city:

    Found an apartment I really liked and the only review for the building was “love the location but I got stabbed in the hallway” ..... anyways my tour is in 30 mins

    Twitter: @fibulavibes

    16. And finally, this tweet that perfectly sums up the eventual goal:

    This could b us struggling to make rent as full time creatives from our tiny apartment at 5 am

    Twitter: @DietDez

    UGH, adulting...if anyone figures it out, let me know.

    SpongeBob: "Can I be excused for the rest of my life?"

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