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    16 Groundbreaking Moments From '00s Shows That We Still Think About Today

    A lot of these shows were ahead of their time.

    The 2000s were truly a golden age of television. It gave us so many iconic love triangles, friendships, and relationships that we still talk about to this day.

    "One Tree Hill" Season 4 Cast

    However, these shows also sometimes handled heavy, complicated subjects. And, while some things from that era don't hold up, a lot of these storylines were actually done super well.

    Here are 16 times '00s shows did a really good job of handling serious topics:

    Spoilers ahead!

    Note: Some of the following contain mentions of sexual assault, eating disorders, and abuse.

    1. First, when Buffy's mom died suddenly on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

    The paramedic tells Buffy her mom is dead and died a while before Buffy found her, and then tells her there's nothing she could've done

    2. When Jimmy brought a gun to school on One Tree Hill:

    Jimmy holds the students hostage, Nathan says to stop pointing the gun at Haley

    3. When Manny became pregnant at 14 and decided to have an abortion on Degrassi: The Next Generation:

    Manny says she wouldn't want to give a baby a crappy life with a mom who isn't ready and argues with Emma about it

    4. When Paul died on 8 Simple Rules:

    Cate hugs her daughters, saying there's no right way to deal with this — Bridget says she was trying hard to be happy because if she was happy everything would be normal, and Kerry says she felt guilty that something good was happening in her life

    5. When Willow came out to Buffy on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

    Willow says things are complicated because of Tara, and Buffy says that's great and Tara is a great girl, and Willow says there's something powerful between them, then asks if Buffy is freaked – she says no, and she's glad Willow told her

    6. When Miranda dealt with anorexia on Lizzie McGuire:

    Miranda talks about the pressure she's under and how hard everything feels, and says that eating feels like the only thing she has any control over

    7. When Anna explained bisexuality on One Tree Hill:

    8. When Chase’s grandma died on Zoey 101:

    Zoey comforts Chase

    9. When Adrian and Ben's baby was stillborn on The Secret Life of the American Teenager:

    Amy holding Adrian crying

    10. When Joey found out Craig was being abused by his father on Degrassi: The Next Generation:

    Sean and Emma tell Joey that Craig's dad beats him; Angie says, "I saw today, all purple, a dinosaur hurts him"

    11. When Katara let the man who killed her mother go in Avatar: The Last Airbender:

    Katara said she wanted to take out all her anger on the man but couldn't and doesn't know if it's because she's weak or strong

    12. When Kurt came out to his dad on Glee:

    Kurt tells his dad he's gay, and Burt says he knows and has since Kurt was 3, and doesn't love it, but there's nothing he can do about it, and he loves him just as much

    13. When Sid's dad died, and he didn't know what to do on Skins:

    Sid says he came to school because he didn't know what else to do, and Tony asks what happened, but Sid says he can't say it

    14. When Raven dealt with a racist store owner who wouldn't hire her because she was Black on That's So Raven:

    Raven has a vision of Chloe saying, "The truth is I don't hire Black people"

    15. When Paige was raped at party on Degrassi: The Next Generation:

    Paige says she didn't want to do it and said no but Dean wouldn't listen; Hazel says that's rape

    16. And finally, when Kirsten realized she needed help with her alcoholism on The O.C.:

    Kirsten says she's not going to rehab, and Seth begs her to do this

    Got another example of a '00s show handling a serious topic well? Tell us in the comments.