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    17 Wholesome Tumblr Posts, Because We Could All Use A Little Cheering Up

    *Hands you a puppy and a warm beverage.*

    1. This lovely observation about human nature:

    2. This extremely wholesome professor:

    3. This comforting reminder:

    4. This post that reads as a threat, but is actually sweet:

    5. This wholesome instance of "boys will be boys":

    6. This professor who could totally be a motivational speaker:

    7. This hardworking Tamagotchi mom:

    8. This post that had me in tears:

    9. This TSA agent with misguided but extremely pure intentions:

    10. This odd but wholesome habit:

    11. This post that proves romance isn't dead:

    12. This adorable hamster pal:

    13. This supportive group of bros:

    14. This lovely cowboy interaction:

    15. This post that reads like a college discussion board, but in the best way possible:

    16. This very pure origin story:

    17. And finally, this picture we all just really need to see right now: