16 Tumblr Posts That Prove How Truly Bizarre High School Was

    I am SO glad the real world has calculators.

    1. This very determined friend group:

    2. This unfortunately very accurate sentiment:

    3. This post that makes a damn good point:

    4. This post that's basically a dad joke:

    5. This teacher who really needs to sort out their priorities:

    6. This post that basically sums up AP literature:

    7. This story that leaves a lot of questions to be answered:

    8. This very strict marching band:

    9. This weirdly universal thing that's just never been acknowledged:

    10. This extremely important email:

    11. This post that accurately summarizes all AP exams:

    12. This wannabe Gordon Ramsay:

    13. This noise that was actually pretty concerning:

    14. This extremely true statement about drama teachers:

    15. This logic that still baffles me to this day:

    16. And finally, this alarmingly accurate summary of high school: