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    17 Times Tumblr Was Really Dark But Also Funny

    Mom, can you pick me up? I'm scared.

    1. This post that definitely needed context:

    2. This shower thought that ruined Jenga forever:

    3. This really unsettling Yoshi account:

    4. This person who REALLY needed to clear things up:

    5. This Scooby-Doo special none of us remember:

    6. This person whose parents didn't appreciate their sense of humor:

    7. This very confusing tragedy:

    8. This post that sounds like a really dark dad joke:

    9. This very valid point:

    10. This super unsettling realization:

    11. This sentence that could be read a couple different ways:

    12. This thought that will make you never want to open the fridge again:

    13. This very insulting nightmare:

    14. This unfortunately relatable post about Pennywise the clown:

    15. This weird new Dora the Explorer reboot:

    16. This sign that will make any thieves think twice:

    17. And finally, this person who said, "We should totally just stab Caesar!"