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    16 Painfully True Tweets About Ghosting

    Why do you continue to watch our stories?

    Ghosting — we've all had it happen to us, and we've all probably done it at some point. Here are 16 tweets that sum up the modern dating phenomenon:


    first base: texting second base: telling all ur friends third base: getting ghosted


    sorry i ghosted you i didnt wanna say i dont wanna talk anymore because you would have said why and i would have had to explain that i still like you but i feel like you didnt need me in your life and it wouldve been super uncomfortable so yea my bad for now i will force my


    i been ghosted so many times i could be the snapchat logo lmaoooo


    first time i got ghosted i didn’t know it was happening so i was worried about the guy and my dumb brain was convinced he died so I checked the local obituary and his mom’s facebook page for any sign of rest in peace and on my 10th google search my friends had to break it to me


    dudes b like sorry i ghosted u, i was never fastest in the mile in elementary school and my turtle ran away when i was 7 so i’ve got abandonment issues we can still fuck tho


    Netflix needs a category called, This Will Distract You While You’re Being Ghosted.


    what part of me ghosting u for 6 months do u not get??? i am in LOVE with U


    *gets ghosted* Me: thank you for the 15-day free trial


    if i had $5 for every time someone has randomly ghosted me because they got back together with their ex i’d be able to pay my rent until i graduate


    Getting hype about someone then getting ghosted days later


    sorry i ghosted u i just felt like u were gonna ghost me so i did it first


    it’s not ghosting if i block u on everything


    you’re getting ghosted by a 20 something year old pretty skateboarder with boyband hair i’m getting ghosted by a 30 something year old senior engineer who “just jumped on the crypto train” we are absolutely the same (losers)


    Getting ghosted would be awesome if it meant that your Tinder date was simply replaced by an actual ghost and instead of awkwardly sipping a coffee, you had to work with the ghost to solve a series of riddles to figure out how they died.


    Omg dating in 2019 is just being told you’re pretty and then being ghosted.


    sorry i ghosted u i was playing hard to get but now ur ghosting me please respond

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