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15 Dogs Who Deserve To Be Employee Of The Month

Give that good boi a promotion right now!!!

Recently, I discovered a wonderful subreddit called Dogs With Jobs. It's full of VERY good boys and good girls doing beautiful work. Here are some of my favorite posts:

1. This Elle Woods in the making:

u/Dronesandwildshit / Via

2. This handy-dandy doggo:

u/Tattooedwhovian / Via

3. This VERY good crisis response dog helping out during the Australian bushfires:

u/miss-robot / Via

4. This professional napper:

u/mydogisincharge / Via

5. This copilot who's not afraid to get his paws off the ground:

u/percythelabrador / Via

6. These very good therapy dogs getting their learn on at orientation:

u/Whitlow14 / Via

7. This courtroom comfort dog doing her very best:

u/stockphoto01 / Via

8. This highway patrol dog striking a BEAUTIFUL pose for picture day:

u/k0ella / Via

9. This good boi who is MAYOR!!!

u/ambthab / Via

10. This professional pup who is ready for his interview:

u/Ze_N_ith / Via

11. This good girl who led 10 DOGGOS and a human on a sled ride:

u/ellendetoffee / Via

12. This exhausted police pup:

u/CharlieExpress / Via

13. This hard worker who's giving Bob the Builder a run for his money:

u/theDonutpanda / Via

14. This good boy who helps dig up sea turtle nests so the hatchlings can be safe:

u/imjustadudeguy / Via

15. And last but not least, this very good airport boi whose only job is to receive ALL THE PATS:

u/gravymaster000 / Via

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