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    11 Times We Literally Couldn't Stand Logan Huntzberger On "Gilmore Girls"

    "Where do I send it? The blonde dick at Yale?"

    So we've already established that Dean Forester totally sucks.

    But you know who we haven't talked about enough? Rory's college boyfriend Logan Huntzberger. Here are some moments that prove why he was kind of the worst:

    1. When we first met him and he was already acting like a privileged little snot:

    2. When he and Rory got it on at her grandparents' vow renewal, because that's a completely appropriate occasion to bump uglies:

    3. When he and Rory stole a goddamn YACHT:

    4. When he went out with Jess and Rory and he was a pretentious asshat about Jess's book:

    5. When he couldn't see how fucking privileged he was:

    6. When he ended things with Rory without actually telling her it was over and she had to find out from his sister:

    7. When he literally slept with EVERY SINGLE ONE of his sister's friends while he and Rory were "on a break"...

    8. ...and then blamed the girls he slept with and called them "worthless idiots":

    9. Finally, in the revival, when he cheated on his fiancé Odette with Rory...

    10. ...OVER AND OVER:

    11. And when he (most likely) got Rory pregnant and just rode off off into the sunset to marry Odette, because fuck everyone apparently:

    In conclusion, I am not #TeamLogan. I love Gilmore Girls, but yeah, Logan kinda sucks. And don't even get me started on Rory!