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    • kellyk32

      The mistakealot of people make is thinking they know how the photographer did it. In several of these picsIcan tell you what went wrong. The Christmas lights kiss…you should not have done it at dark, you needed sun light. You can darkenapicture up, but trying to lighten one that is taken in the dark will not come out right. The person that put their kid in the stocking…you put the kid in the stocking…The other image has the stocking on top of the child, but the angles make it look as if the baby is in the stocking…this is not so. Infants HATE to be pinned down!!! Do not try and shove them into something likeastocking, will just piss them off unless they are super newborn and sleep through everything. Not all children hate pumpkins, but don’t wait untilanap time is needed to ever take pics. Give the childareason to sit there.

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