If You’re Happy And You’re Kanye…OMG. Leads The Daily Links

Plus the results of swapping your entire beauty regime for just oil, James Franco’s brother on James Franco’s antics, and a chance to catch up with the original Power Rangers.


Just when you’re fed up (refer to “Bound 2”), Yeezus goes and shows you that he’s a man of the people, full of smiles and goodwill. You’re a roller coaster, Kanye, but you’re OUR roller coaster. - [Refinery29]


What happens when you swap your entire beauty regime for just oil? Three editors go the distance so you don’t have to. - [ELLE]

Team Coco

Conan grills Dave Franco about his brother James’s recent escapades. He has an answer for all of it, including the weird, oily, sort-of-naked selfie! Just kidding, he doesn’t. - [Team Coco]

TimeOut NY

45 sticky-note confessions for Mother’s Day. It gets a little brutal, but…in a loving way? - [TimeOut NY]


This is a $1,000 sundae. It has “gilded” brownies, amongst other things—you really just have to hear what’s in it to believe it! - [Thrillist]

http://A.V. Club

Check out this insanely extensive chart of the most overrated and underrated movies of all time! - [A.V. Club]


Can you guess what the most popular LinkedIn feature is (by a big margin)?? Let’s just say that it doesn’t seem like we’re very focused on the most profesh functions the site offers. - [QUARTZ]

Entertainment Weekly

Now that there’s A NEW POWER RANGERS MOVIE COMING OUT (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), let’s take a look at what the original Rangers are up to these days. - [Entertainment Weekly]

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