Photoshop Catastrophe Or The Longest Arms In The World — You Be The Judge Leads The Daily Links

Plus Alexa Ray Joel looks like she has a new head, an international guide to rude hand gestures, and 10 hair hacks for curls without using heat.


Ellen brings us the model who fell victim to a catastrophic Photoshop fail while posing for Target, only to discover that it might not have been Photoshop at all. Awkward! —[ELLE]

US Weekly

This is what Alexa Ray Joel looks like now. That is all. —[US Weekly}


A roundup of 100 behind-the-scenes shots from Entourage The Movie, some of which are SFW, some of which aren’t, all of which are awesome. —[COED]


Scarlett Johansson as “a drug mule with superhuman powers”? You’d think “NO, PLEASE NO,” but you’d be wrong! This looks like a legit YES. —[Variety]

http://A.V. Club

Check out what The Onion’s A.V. Club can and cannot tolerate this week. —[A.V. Club]


This is a $400,000 car. Watch a dude crash it. NBD. —[Supercompressor]


10 hair hacks that will get you curls with NO heat! —[Gurl]

You should probably check out this infographic before you travel internationally — whether you want to avoid offending people or just offend people in a more multicultural way. —[]

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