Drunk Bingo: Oscars Edition Leads The Daily Links

Plus New York’s most influential tweeters, José Reyes freestyles on Sportsnet, and Nickelback’s intoxicating elixir.

Warner Bros.

Think the Oscars are a clichéd snoozefest? Print out these Drunk Bingo: Oscar’s Edition pages, and rejoice! - [GQ]


What’s that you say? You have “Nickelback’s intoxicating elixir all over” yourself? We have the cure—their insane Facebook fan page. - [Guyism]

New York Magazine

We’re sure it didn’t shock Donald Trump that he made the cut, but New York’s most influential tweeters may surprise you. - [New York Magazine]


You can put up a front for the rest of the world, we understand—but your bestie knows just how weird you really are. Here are 15 weird things you can only tell your best friend. - [HelloGiggles]

USA Today

José Reyes flaunts his rapping talents on Sportsnet while the anchors flaunt…well, they sort of beatbox. [USA Today]


Everything’s fun and games with Godzilla: He’s into ping-pong, waterskiing…he’s pretty much down for whatever. - [Variety]

Fast Company

You know no one’s fetching coffee at these offices: Their interns make more than the U.S. median household income. [Fast Company]


Check out 17 signs that you’d qualify as a witch in 1692. Ladies, be warned — you definitely qualify. [Mental_Floss]

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