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    • MSKD0715

      I figured this were well known facts. Also, another few facts Lee Norris’ first acting role was as Chuckie Lee in The Torkelsons. In the episode, “All these things that I’ve done” the little girl that Hailey babysits is Barbara Alyn Wood’s (Deb) daughter in real life. In the television airing of the 100th episode, they hare originally used the song “Never Tear Us Apart” by INXS when Lindsey tells Lucas she can’t marry him, but was replaced with Ride by Cary Brothers in the DVD release. Also, Moira Kelly (Karen) was the voice of adult Nala in The Lion King. :D

    • MSKD0715

      I do not understand why people turn childhood movies into something more than it needs to be. As children, we probably watched it and we all love it. Stop trying to over-analyze it as adults. It’s notahorrifying movie at all. It’sagreat movie. As are all the other movies and television shows that people try over-analyze as adults. If you think about it too much, this movie may seem horrifying; but whenIwas younger;Itried to just enjoy and think about how great it is that this man was so passionate about staying in his children’s lives that he even went on to go dress up asawoman to do so.

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