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Try Not To Freak Out: Justin Timberlake Might Be Working On New Music

Could he be working on that long-rumored country album?

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Big news, folks: Justin Timberlake was hanging out with Pharrell Williams in the recording studio last night!

Justin Timberlake / Via

Not only that, but he Instagrammed about it! Anyone who remembers how salty he was about answering questions about new music while he was recording The 20/20 Experience knows this is a Big Deal.

Interestingly, the photo was filtered in the same aggressively navy-hued way as the studio photos he shared last week to celebrate the birthday of his longtime collaborator, Timbaland.

Justin Timberlake / Via

It feels like everybody's favorite Justin is trying to tell us something...

While JT hasn't said anything — like, with words — about a possible fifth album, Timbaland did suggest the superstar was gearing up to release a country album during an interview with TMZ last November.

TMZ / Via

“Guess what? We are country," the producer explained. "[Justin is] from Tennessee, I’m from Virginia. It’s only right for us to tap into what we was raised in, you know? We was raised in the country. That’s who we are.”


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