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    8 Songs That Will Make You See Kesha In A New Light

    Underneath all the glitter is a serious artist.

    1. "Old Flames Can't Hold A Candle To You"

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    Fun fact: this song was written by Kesha's mother, Pebe Sebert. Originally recorded by country singer Joe Sun, the lovelorn ballad became a huge hit in the early '80s when Dolly Parton covered it for her album Dolly, Dolly, Dolly. Kesha recorded a version for her chronically underrated 2013 EP, Deconstructed. Simple, straightforward, and utterly heartbreaking, Kesha's cover of "Old Flames Can't Hold A Candle To You" is proof that underneath all the glitz, glitter, and party anthems is a serious artist with impressive pipes and real depth.

    2. "The Harold Song"

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    While Kesha's cover of "Old Flames Can't Hold A Candle To You" is undeniably great, it's only a surprise if you've never heard "The Harold Song." Included on the pop star's 2010 Cannibal EP, "The Harold Song" is a big, bold electro-ballad about losing your first love. It'll make you want to dance and cry at the same time.

    3. "Blow (Deconstructed Mix)"

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    This arrangement is everything the original isn't: hushed, dramatic, and utterly hypnotic. Kesha deserves props for taking a cartoonish party anthem and finding a way to imbue it with a real sense of danger.

    4. "Past Lives"

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    This spaced-out love song a peek into an alternate universe where Kesha came to fame as an alt-pop hippie instead of as a Top 40 juggernaut.

    5. "Last Goodbye"

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    Sonically "The Last Goodbye" isn't all that different from Kesha's biggest singles — it's a big, thumping pop song with an even bigger chorus — what makes it interesting is how she uses that template to express some seriously complicated feelings about breaking up with someone you love.

    6. "Die Young (Deconstructed Mix)"

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    If the original version of "Die Young" is a call to arms, the Deconstructed remix is more like an intimate invitation.


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    A fuzzed-out ode to bad decisions, this leaked track sounds like nothing Kesha has ever released and was allegedly written by her brother, Lagan Sebert, during sessions with The Black Keys' Patrick Carney.

    8. "Dirty Love"

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    In 2012, in the lead up to her sophomore album, Kesha talked a lot about wanting to fuse her rock and pop influences into a new genre she called "cock pop." While Warrior ended up being more pop than rock, there was at least one track that sounded like what she was describing: a collaboration with Iggy Pop called "Dirty Love."