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25 Reasons A Dixie Chicks Reunion Is Exactly What We Need Right Now

Just sayin'.

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25. It's been over eight long years since the release of their last album, the Grammy-award-winning, double-platinum, Taking The Long Way.

Sony Music Entertainment.

24. And country music is starting to feel like one big brofest.

23. We felt the burn when their 2013 "Long Time Gone" reunion tour stopped in Canada, Ireland, England, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.... but not the United States :'-(

Can't we all make nice yet?
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Can't we all make nice yet?

22. Natalie Maines just keeps getting more fierce.

I mean, check out this haircut.
Larry Busacca / Getty Images

I mean, check out this haircut.

21. And remember how ***flawless their early-00s award show style was?

Frank Micelotta / Getty Images
Frank Micelotta / Hulton Archive

20. Sisters Martie Maguire and Emily Robison's Court Yard Hounds side project is excellent... but it's just not the same without Natalie Maines.

Columbia Records
Columbia Records

19. And Natalie Maines' great 2013 solo album Mother would've been even better with harmonies from the ladies.

Columbia Records


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17. The Dixie Chicks were proudly feminist before it was cool.

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16. "Not Ready To Make Nice" is an anthem for the #SorryNotSorry generation.

15. And "Wide Open Spaces" should be mandatory listening for all young women everywhere.

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14. "Goodbye Earl" is a glorious revenge fantasy for your inner "misandrist."

Also, the music video stars a pre-30 Rock Jane Krakowski. So, bonus points.

13. But, seriously, they weren't scared to make waves and refused to back down when they did.

Time Inc.
Time Inc.

12. Did we mention that Natalie Maines' voice is big and strong and soft and sweet and everything in between?

11. And radio could use approximately 300% more of Martie Maguire's expert fiddling.

Jeff Vinnick / Getty Images

10. Related: how much do you miss Emily Robison's dobro and banjo skills?

Jeff Vinnick / Getty Images
Jeff Vinnick / Getty Images

9. The Chicks were never afraid to embrace their inner drama queens.

8. They achieved the impossible with "Landside": a Stevie Nicks cover that's as good as the original.

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Go ahead and click play on this one right now.

7. In fact, every cover they've ever done is excellent.

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6. Remember when they high-tailed it out of their triple wedding in the music video for "Ready To Run"? Good times.

5. "I Hope" is the best Bruce Springsteen song the Boss had nothing to do with.

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4. The documentary Shut Up & Sing is due for a follow-up.

The Weinstein Company

3. Not enough couples use "Lullaby" as their wedding song.

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2. Home is a perfect album and there will be no argument on this point.

Monument/Columbia Records

1. Ladies, we miss you! America needs the Dixie Chicks now more than ever.

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