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    13 Amazing Singers You Should Follow On Vine

    Six seconds of heaven.

    1. Jeffrey Eli Miller

    Location: Boston, MA

    Follower count: 1.4 million

    Fourteen-year-old Jeffrey Eli Miller is having a good year. He’s been featured on Good Morning America, called a “budding star” by the Boston Globe and asked to sing on stage at a Meghan Trainor concert — all because of Vine. Since downloading the app last November, Jeffrey's covers have helped him amass 1.4 million followers and over 300 million views.

    When did you start singing? "I started singing when I was very little but not until I was 12 I sang in front of other people besides my family."

    What are you working on outside of Vine? "Right now I've just been performing and going with the flow, hopefully some exciting things to come in 2015!"

    2. Sonyae Elise

    Location: Newark, NJ

    Follower count: 256,800

    You may remember Viner Sonyae Elise from Bravo’s short-lived songwriting series Platinum Hit. She won the show’s first and only season back in 2011. While she's currently independent, Sonyae's an experienced singer-songwriter who's worked with top hit-makers, including Evan "Kidd" Bogart (“SOS,” “Halo”) and J.R. Rotem (“Beautiful Girls,” “In My Head”). You don’t need Sonyae’s full CV, however, to know she’s something special; her energetic and original videos are all the proof you need.

    What's the best thing about Vine? "My favorite thing about Vine would have to be my followers, hands down… They are super turn't at all times and some of the most loyal followers of all social networks."

    What's the hardest thing about Vine? "Sometimes six seconds just ain't enough time! I find myself singing and getting cut off just when it was about to get good."

    3. Alexi Blue

    Location: Los Angeles, CA

    Follower count: 54,100

    While Alexi Blue spends most of her time creating slickly produced videos for her 275,000 fans on YouTube, the pink-haired California girl's sweet, slightly raspy voice is better showcased by the acoustic, six-second covers she posts on Vine. Equal parts pop star and singer-songwriter, you won't regret following this talented 17-year-old.

    How do you approach Vine differently from YouTube? "What's different about Vine is that all of my covers are all live (acoustic or a cappella) whereas on YouTube I can sing in a studio with more instruments."

    What's a fun fact your followers might not know about you? "Even though my last name is Blue and my hair is dip-dyed hot pink, my favorite color is lime green."

    4. Rajiv Dhall

    Location: Canton, MI

    Follower count: 1.5 million

    Vine superstar by day, indie-pop frontman by night, Rajiv Dhall has it all — good looks, guitar skills and a great voice. He’s spent years honing his sound as the lead singer of TwentyForSeven and it shows. His videos are polished, professional and incredibly popular.

    What's the best thing about Vine? "My favorite thing about Vine is the diversity. Scrolling through the popular page you see so many different kinds of videos. Some are viral jokes, some are singing vines, some are comedy vines. There are a ton of talented and funny people on Vine."

    Which song do you wish Viners would stop covering? "I love all the vine trends and songs. The little Vine inside jokes and songs can be very funny."

    5. Stephanie Clavin

    Location: New Orleans, LA

    Follower count: 346,000

    New Orleans-native Stephanie Clavin didn't expect much when she started posting covers in 2013. It was just a fun outlet until her classmates found her profile and became instant fans. All the support culminated in a special yearbook note celebrating the angel-voiced singer's Vine accomplishments. While the demands of senior year keep her from posting as regularly as some of the other artists on this list, it's an absolute treat when she does.

    When did you start singing? "I don't think I could ever pinpoint when I started singing, but I can say that it's always been a part of my life. Growing up, my mom would sing to my brother and me all the time, and like any other little girls, I wanted to be just like her."

    What are you working on outside of Vine? "I'm working on being a full-time high school student. Senior year has most definitely been the most stressful, but posting on Vine helps to keep my mind off of all the stress!"

    6. Armon Warren and Trey Traylor

    Location: Detroit, Michigan

    Follower count: 34,100 and 162,200, respectively

    While Armon Warren and Trey Traylor have separate Vine accounts, they function as a duo and have got the flawless harmonies and coordinated outfits to prove it. While they revine each other regularly, be sure to follow both of them for the full Armon and Trey experience.

    What's your favorite genre of music? "We love gospel but we are music lovers of all kinds."

    What's the best thing about Vine? "We get to share our God-given talent with the world and there's nothing we love more."

    7. Kenzie Nimmo

    Location: Salt Lake City, UT

    Follower count: 1.2 million

    Vine superstar Kenzie Nimmo is more than just an amazing singers, she's also an excellent filmmaker. While most artists just post clips of themselves singing their favorite tunes, Kenzie regularly upgrades her covers with compelling little six-second music videos. You don't want to miss her pint-sized pop spectacle.

    What’s the hardest part of being a Viner? "Definitely the bullying. It’s easier to brush it off when you’re 23 and know who you are. But it’s hard when you see a young person putting themselves out there, making themselves vulnerable, only to receive hate and senseless bullying from strangers. I wish people were more encouraging to people they don’t know."

    What are you working on outside of Vine? "Primarily, my own music. I’ve got some really cool stuff in the works right now that I’m excited about."

    8. Lexi Sorrentino

    Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

    Follower count: 109,300

    While most Viners stick to six-second covers, singer-songwriter Lexi Sorrentino prefers to make "loops" — Vine-speak for clips that don't have obvious start and end points. It's tricky business but the results are mesmerizing.

    Which song do you wish Viners would stop covering? "There are a few songs that Vine covers have pretty much killed for me but I'd probably have to say 'Rude' by Magic!."

    How do you approach Vine differently than YouTube? "It's my thing to get [Vines] to loop. It'll drive me insane if it doesn't."

    9. Andrew Bazzi

    Location: California

    Follower count: 1.1 million

    If Simon Cowell wanted to assemble a boy band out of social media stars, Andrew Bazzi's feed would be a good place to start; the Michigan-born singer isn't just a talented performer, he's an excellent talent scout. Whether he's dueting or revining, Andrew's always collaborating with Vine's best and brightest. Andrew's a must-follow, for sure.

    What's a fun fact your followers might not know about you? "[When I was four] I would dress up as Elvis and I'd have my neighbors come over and I'd perform for them!"

    What's your favorite genre of music? "I like R&B and pop music but I love the classics as well."

    10. Rachel Bobbitt

    Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

    Follower count: 212,000

    Rachel Bobbitt has a lovely, clear voice but what separates the Canadian teenager from the rest of Vine's aspiring singer-songwriter is her eclectic taste; for every Ariana Grande song she sings, she also does a BANKS or Jhene Aiko cover. Instead of contributing to Vine's meme-fueled echo chamber, she's busy doing her own thing and is all the better for it.

    What are you working on outside of Vine? "Right now I’m working on a full cover to post on YouTube and I like to perform at local coffee houses."

    What song do you wish Viners would stop covering? "I honestly can’t think of a song that I would want people to stop covering on Vine. Everyone has their own interpretation of songs and they are all individual and unique."

    11. Alexis Love

    Location: Oxford, OH

    Follower count: 47,800

    What’s most impressive about Alexis Love isn’t her incredible voice or musicianship, it’s her unique ability to make a song her own. Instead of mimicking other singers or chasing trends, the Ohio-based Viner makes everything from Beyonce to Frozen sound like an Alexis Love original.

    What's the best thing about Vine? "The networking opportunity! I've come in contact with so many well-known Viners — even celebrities — just by posting six-second videos."

    What's a fun fact your followers might not know about you? "I've taught myself how to play over 20 instruments. It's an interesting hobby of mine! And I currently own 11 instruments."

    12. Trevor Holmes

    Location: Newbury Park, CA

    Follower count: 424,000

    Viner Trevor Holmes is the stuff #ManCrushMondays are made of. He's got a great voice, flowing locks and a cute dog who makes regular appearances on social media. As a singer, he aims to please. A quick scroll through his feed reveals Top 40 hits, '90s rock classics, cult favorites — even the Spongebob Squarepants theme.

    What kind of music do you like? "I listen to literally every kind of music but my favorites are classic rock, alternative rock, and alternative pop."

    What's the best thing about Vine? "How it's consistently pushing Viners to produce quality material for their followers, because if they don't they will fall off the map and become irrelevant."

    13. Leslie Laine

    Location: Michigan

    Follower count: 139,500

    It doesn't take a full six seconds to realize that Leslie Laine is an excellent musician. She's a gifted pianist and singer whose expertise and training is apparent from the first note. When she's not posting on Vine, the Michigan-based singer is busy being America's coolest music teacher.

    How do you approach Vine differently from YouTube? "I find that Vine works better for sharing my music. I think that a six second clip is more accessible compared to a two minute long video."

    What are you working on outside of Vine? "I am focusing much of my attention on my teaching job. However, I plan on recording some music and creating more YouTube videos by the end of this coming summer!"