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39 Times "30 Rock" Was The Smartest Show On TV

"You thumb with a wig."

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1. The ultimate pun:

2. The dictionary according to Dennis Duffy.

3. Liz's very relatable hairstyle:

4. Bev's troubled backstory:

5. And Kenneth's:

NBC / Via

6. Tracy's perspective on self-respect:

7. And grammar:


8. Liz's makeup struggle:

9. The classic spit-take, with a twist:

10. Kenneth's recipe for successful television:

11. This "joke" Jack made:

12. And this one haha:

NBC / Via

13. Colleen's views on promiscuity:

14. And her demands before her death:

15. And, of course, her legacy after:

16. Kenneth's struggle:

NBC / Via

17. His struggle was ongoing, really:

18. Tracy's valid observation:

19. And Liz's:


20. And Elisa's:

21. And Jack's:

22. This definition of erotica:

23. This breach of trust:

24. And this fairytale ending:

25. Jack's Trump theory:

26. This level of patriotism:

27. Liz's views on men and women in the dating world:

28. The most infallible gay scale:

29. Second only to this one, maybe:

30. The ultimate display of faith:

31. Kenneth's word:

32. Toofer's stroke of magical, mathematical genius:

33. Jenna's personal tragedy:

34. Pete's brilliance:

NBC / Via

35. Kaylie's quick decline to tooldom:

36. Cooter's unfortunate fate:

37. Liz's reaction to life's big moments:

38. And her sordid college past:

39. This "joke" haha I'm not crying YOU'RE CRYING:

Miss you, 30 Rock. 💜

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