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    27 Times The "Fast And Furious" Cast Redefined Friendship Goals

    "You don't turn your back on family."

    1. When the Toretto clan posed for a family photo at their first premiere all the way back in 2001.

    2. And Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez tricked us into believing they were actually Dom and Letty...

    3. ...and still do to this day.

    4. (Seriously.)

    5. When they all showed up looking just as stunning 12 YEARS LATER.

    6. Possibly even more stunning, TBH.

    7. And they still had plenty to chat about.

    8. Every sweet selfie Nathalie Emmanuel snapped on the set of Furious 7.

    9. Aww.

    10. AWWWWW.

    11. And her more candid shots are pretty cute as well.

    12. Honestly, Tyrese Gibson is just the best.

    13. Each and every time the Furious ladies clearly had one another's back.

    14. And embodied the very ultimate in squad goals.

    15. And have continued to over the years.

    16. Even when they added some fresh faces to the mix.

    17. The moment Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson high-fived and the earth tilted from too much awesome.


    19. When these three dapper gents perfected the casual hands-in-pocket pose together.

    20. When they were so connected, they color-coordinated their premiere outfits.

    21. Each and every time they showed up for each other.

    22. From their personal lives...

    23. rehearsals...

    24. Vin Diesel's honorary hand and footprint ceremony.

    25. And every time they just stopped and shared a laugh together.

    26. The great moment when Paul Walker and Vin Diesel accepted Best Action Sequence at the MTV Movie Awards all the way back in 2002...

    27. ...and Vin Diesel still remembered 13 years later.