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15 Things That'll Definitely Happen This Season On "Once Upon A Time"

Series creators Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz, and star Jennifer Morrison gave Oncers the inside scoop at New York Comic Con.

1. Emma and Hook are FINALLY going to go on a date!

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According to Kitsis it'll be in next week's episode, and it "won't be in Granny's Diner."

2. And we're going to see more of Hook's pirate side.

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Kitsis revealed that "[Hook's] definitely going to be inspired by Emma, but in next week’s episode, we’re going to see a bit more of [his] pirate side."

3. We're going to see Hook and Rumple duke it out (again).


Horowitz chimed in that "the history between [Hook and Rumple], which is not a very pleasant one, will continue to be a theme."

4. Rumple's going to revert back to his old Dark One ways.

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Horowitz described Rumple's arc this season as "tumultuous," and Kitsis said, "Next week you’re going to see that everything he is doing is for a reason, and that reason is for the benefit of himself."

5. We're not going to be seeing Olaf in Storybrooke.

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Kitsis said, to a chorus of disappointed cries, "I don’t believe you will be seeing Olaf. He may be obliquely referred to, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing him."

6. But we will be seeing even more characters from the Frozen world.

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Though no one would specify which characters would be making an appearance in Storybrooke.

7. Emma and the Snow Queen have a past.


8. And Elsa and the Snow Queen have a very serious connection.

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No major spoilers, but yes, they do have a HUGE connection.

9. We're going to meet Belle's mom!

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The episode is "really about Belle before we saw her in that first episode, and how she went on that journey to become someone who is heroic." And she'll be played by Frances O'Connor.

10. August did not write Henry's Once Upon A Time book.


Horowitz confirmed, "We saw him alter the book in the first season, but he is not the writer, he gets no royalties."

11. Henry and Regina are going to have a secret mission of their own, a la Henry and Emma's Operation Cobra.

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But theirs is called Operation Mongoose.

12. And Operation Mongoose is going to be a huge part of this season.

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According to Kitsis, "Operation Mongoose is going to be rather a big story for the year, and this is a story that’s going to continue through both halves of the season."

13. If there is a Frozen sequel, what happens in Storybrooke probably won't influence the movie's plot or storyline.

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As Kitsis said, "Whatever they do with the sequel, the story you’re going to see [in Storybrooke] is very much of our own mythology."

14. We're going to see Emma "really fight to prove to Regina that she wants to be her friend."


Swan Queen shippers, listen up. Morrison said, "[Emma and Regina] have a tremendous amount in common. Emma connects to Regina, relates to her, and also has enjoyed her friendship." Horowitz added, "There is an episode coming up where we really do explore that."

15. In the words of Emma Swan herself, "There are some really good twists coming."

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Morrison smiled and added, "I mean, I can’t say, but there are definitely some twists."

FUN BONUS STORY: When Emma was freezing to death in last week's episode, Jennifer Morrison was burning up.

Apparently, the set they were filming on was quite warm. Morrison said that she "sweated through that t-shirt in every take it was like 110 degrees in there."

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