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    Winona Ryder's New Netflix Series Looks Absolutely Terrifying

    Umm, don't watch this alone.

    The trailer for Winona Ryder's new Netflix series, Stranger Things, is here. And it's, well, terrifying. Get the first look exclusively on BuzzFeed:

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    The series, set in the sleepy town of Hawkins, Indiana, in the '80s, chronicles the sudden disappearance of a young boy named Will (Noah Schnapp).

    His mother, Joyce (Winona Ryder), goes to the local authorities for help finding her son.

    But Will's disappearance begins to take the inhabitants of Hawkins down a dark and dangerous path.

    Many mysteries begin to unwind, including secret government experiments...

    ...and inexplicable supernatural events.

    It basically just looks really, really creepy.

    Are those lights even plugged in?

    Why is this child surrounded by scary lamps?

    Why is everyone in Hawkins getting spontaneous nosebleeds?

    How is that door unlocking FROM THE OUTSIDE?


    Stranger Things premieres on Netflix July 15. Maybe don't watch it alone.