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Just How "Mom" Are You?

Bonus points if you're looking for your keys right now.

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    You feel an irrepressible need to feed the people you love.
    That need sometimes borders on force-feeding.
    You’re not sure who Lorde is, but whoever they are, they’re blaspheming.
    You have told someone they have “schmutz” on their face.
    And then licked your finger to wipe it off.
    You enjoy a nice pair of pleated, high-waisted jeans.
    You are confused by the Google.
    You are confused by the Facebook.
    You will just never understand the Twitter.
    You have only recently learned how to use the emoji faces.
    You have very, very strong feelings about sending thank-you notes.
    You still leave voicemails.
    You firmly believe a person needs to bring a jacket with them every time they leave the house.
    You will shamelessly bust out your signature dance moves at any opportunity.
    The only thing you enjoy more than a good cup of tea is a good pair of Hanes cotton underwear.
    You find great joy in recounting what’s currently going on in "General Hospital."
    You are in total awe of Michelle Obama’s arms.
    No one's better at serving up a dish of piping hot tough love.
    You once brought a picture of Meg Ryan in “You’ve Got Mail” to the hairdresser.
    All right, twice.
    You believe in the power and functionality of the minivan.
    You try to to pay for everything with a personal check.
    You think youngsters have taken acronyms too far, what with the YOLO and the LOL.
    You appreciate a sturdy, roomy fannypack.
    You just hate to miss an episode of "Ellen."
    Seriously, the minivan is the unsung warrior of the highway.
    You can never seem to find that one thing you’re looking for in your purse.
    Mostly because your purse is the size of a canoe and contains anything anyone could ever need.
    You’re always worried your loved ones are getting a cold even when they're perfectly healthy.
    You are well-versed in the subtle art of couponing.
    You can shed your sweet exterior and morph into a terrifying rage-beast when it comes to defending your loved ones.
    You believe in the mighty power of a clean living space.
    No one gives more thoughtful, unique gifts than you do.
    You’re constantly wondering where your keys are.
    A teen has tweeted “mom” at you.

Just How "Mom" Are You?

You're just not very "mom." You're hip, you're cool, you know there's no "the" before Google, you don't own a pair of Hanes cotton undies, and you know how to correctly use the term YOLO. You're probably a teenager.

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You're pretty "mom" and that's pretty rad. You might not always need help using the Google, but sometimes you do. If you don't already own a minivan, get ready, because the time fast approaches.

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You are the most "mom" of them all. Your jeans come up to your bra, you're probably looking for your keys right this very moment, and you're all about that Hanes life. Whether you're 14 or 40, you didn't choose the "Mom" Life. It chose you.

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