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Posted on Dec 24, 2014

25 Terrible Christmas Puns That'll Make Your Dad So Happy

Merry Christmas, dads everywhere.

1. This perfect mix of bitter and sweet.

2. This reminder that some holiday traditions can be dangerous.

3. This most holy night.

4. And this most unholy mashup.

5. This baby Cheesus, all wrapped up in a blanket.

6. This very merry Sithmas.

7. This gift, which is literally the best present ever.

8. This tiny abominable snowman.

9. This message from a fine, hospitable establishment.

10. This fantastically festive pup.

11. This seasonally committed grocery store.

12. This sheepish Christmas wish.

13. This new level of absolute perfection.


15. This red-nosed lush.

16. And his reinbeer pals.

17. This king of dessert puns.

18. This totally wild lights display.

19. This cheery landlord's handiwork.

20. This soft play on words.

21. This sick pop culture crossover.

22. This barking mad sweatshirt.

23. This beautiful, fragile Chemistree.

24. This mythical creature.

25. This pun, which was always...destined...for greatness.

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