You Can Eat Ratatouille At Disneyland And Fulfill Your Pixar Dreams

    More like Rata-GIMME.

    It's a scientific fact that you can't watch the Pixar classic Ratatouille without immediately craving the movie's signature dish. Even if you have no idea what's in it, even if you've never had it before, that ratatouille looks delicious.

    Maybe it's the way Remy carefully and precisely slices those veggies, or the dreamy way he spreads that sauce. It's the peasant dish that dreams are made of.

    Well, great news: As part of Pixar Fest, they're serving ratatouille at Disneyland right now in a special three-course meal at Cafe Orleans. And it's just as beautiful as the onscreen dish:

    Whether you're an expert on French cuisine or you've never tried ratatouille in your life, it's a delicious and highly Instagrammable meal.

    But, tragically, it's very hard to take a perfectly proportioned Anton Ego–worthy bite.

    The three-course prix fixe meal starts with a cheese flight that includes fourme d'Ambert (raw cow's milk cheese), bucheron (mild goat cheese), P'tit Basque (hard sheep's milk cheese), dried fruit, and an ooey-gooey bit of honeycomb.

    (Honestly, the honeycomb is where it's at, folks.)

    And ends with three berry-stuffed beignets à la mode, with a mascarpone and sweet Brie drizzle.

    Basically, it's all delicious, and if you've ever watched Ratatouille and wondered, "Wow, what if I could eat that animated dish?" now is the chance to make your dream a reality before Pixar Fest ends on Sept. 3.