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There's A Tiny Easter Egg In "Ocean's 8" You Almost Definitely Missed

Hellooo, Rusty.

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Hokay, so. We know that Ocean's 8 follows the same opening formula as Ocean's Eleven. The movie starts with Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock), lying flawlessly, landing parole, and leaving prison — just like her brother Danny Ocean (George Clooney) in Ocean's Eleven.

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Then they both leave prison in some impractical, but super hot, formalwear — because the Ocean family knows how to dress, even when they're getting busted.

And they're both released from prisons in New Jersey.

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You can clearly see the sign in Ocean's Eleven, and Warner Brothers confirmed that in Ocean's 8, Debbie is released from Nichols Women’s Prison in New Jersey.

Now, as you may recall, Danny ends up back in that same New Jersey prison serving a three to six month stint for parole violation at the end of Ocean's Eleven. We see him leaving with Rusty (Brad Pitt) at the end of the film.


Hmm, a women's prison right down the road, eh? Maybe even the same nearby New Jersey prison where Debbie would later serve time?

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Debbie's released in 2018 after serving five years, eight months, and 12 days of prison time. Assuming the events of Ocean's Eleven take place in the same year it was released (2001), she and her brother didn't serve overlapping sentences. So she wouldn't have, ya know, been "down the road" at the time.


There are lots of celebrity cameos in Ocean's 8, including two original members of the Ocean's Eleven crew — Reuben Tishkoff (Elliott Gould) and Yen (Shaobo Qin) — but Danny is (maybe) dead, and Rusty is nowhere to be found.

So, if we dream big and stretch a bit, this little detail might hint at Rusty returning for a future Ocean's movie, and possibly as a love interest for Debbie.

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Of course, Debbie doesn't need a love interest — and if she gets one, I'm rooting for Lou (Cate Blanchett). Secondly, Rusty and Isabel (Catherine Zeta-Jones) would have to be broken up and 100% done.