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11 "Sleepy Hollow" Cast Superlatives With Orlando Jones And Lyndie Greenwood

If you don't ship Frank and Jenny already, get ready to.

Trevor Clifford / BuzzFeed
Trevor Clifford / BuzzFeed
Trevor Clifford / BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed sat down with Sleepy Hollow stars Orlando Jones and Lyndie Greenwood at Comic Con to get the scoop on their hit show's second season, and to play a Sleepy Hollow cast version of "Who Would" — their answers did not disappoint.

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Lyndie Greenwood: Oh, Katia.

Orlando Jones: Easy, for sure. Let's just be clear: Katia is crazy.

LG: She's insane.

OJ: She's funnier than all of us. I have a video of her drinking vodka, eating broccoli, and singing Christmas carols, and she's doing it all upside down. It's one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

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LG: Ohhhh, womp womp. Me. Katia and I live together, we're roommates, and she pranks me all the time. Did you see the video she posted earlier?

OJ: That is so easy. Absolutely Lyndie.

Trevor Clifford / BuzzFeed


OJ: You already know the answer to that.

LG: I do, I personally love a day drink.

OJ: Well, if you went, I would go with you, and Tom would come. And Nicole would just look at us like, "Why are you people drinking in the middle of the day?"

LG: Katia would also come.

OJ: Oh, that is so true.

LG: But so would Matt and so would Neil. You know, everyone in our cast would get brunch drunk.

OJ: You think Nicole would get brunch drunk?

LG: I could convince her to.

Trevor Clifford / BuzzFeed
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LG: Oh my gosh, this is amazing!

OJ: I just adopted two kittens today.

LG: That's perfect, you literally just said that.

OJ: Yes, I'll take that one — wait, what? Is that supposed to be my name, Lyndie?

LG: Oh noooo!

OJ: No, leave it. It's perfect. Orladd, that's my credit in the next episode. That's awesome.

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LG: Oh, Nicole. Clearly.

OJ: Duh.

LG: That's very true, she does. All the time.

OJ: All the f*cking time.

LG: Or really any song, not just Beyoncé.

OJ: That's very true. Her before me, but I would also volunteer myself for this one.

Trevor Clifford / BuzzFeed


OJ: Oooo, yes. Oh, I know. I know this one.

LG: But in the best way, obviously. Flirting in the best of ways.

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LG: Oops, that might be me as well. Dammit.

OJ: That's true, actually. But, you have good cause to laugh.

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LG: Oh damn.

OJ: Eat an entire pizza?

LG: Orladd, of course! No, maybe Neil? But he just did this entire cleanse, and he definitely would not have been eating pizza. Oh wait, Matt! Matt Barr.

OJ: Ok, I'll go with that, that makes sense.

Trevor Clifford / BuzzFeed


LG: Probably Nicole?

OJ: No, no —

LG & OJ: Tom!

LG: But he would never do it obviously.

OJ: Exactly, he would do it in the most polite way possible.

LG: Yeah, like "As an example..." and then he'd said it the correct way.

OJ: Tom is truly a gentleman.

Trevor Clifford / BuzzFeed


OJ: Ohhhh, that is such a toss-up.

LG: Yeah, there are a lot of us.

OJ: Ok, I'm going to fully claim it's between me and Tom.

LG: Are you serious?

OJ: Who else do you want to add?

LG: Uhh, me.

OJ: Alright, who else?

LG: Well, that's it, the three of us.

OJ: Tomy, Lyndie, and...Orladd.

LG: Orladd could be a character on Game of Thrones.

OJ: Yes, Orladd, Keeper of the Realm.

Trevor Clifford / BuzzFeed


LG: Oh my gosh, I see what you've done.

OJ: Just amazing.

LG: BuzzFeed? More like BuzzFabulous. Ok, we need to stop recording.

OJ: An obvious question deserves an obvious answer.

Trevor Clifford / BuzzFeed
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Catch Sleepy Hollow Mondays at 9pm EST on Fox.

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