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    25 People Who Could Teach You A Thing Or Two About Flirting


    1. This poor soul who just really needed a drink.

    2. This reptile enthusiast.

    3. This vegetable fanatic.

    4. This very confident mathematician.

    5. This person who just can't in the morning.

    6. This dude who really values shared interests.

    7. This social media guru.

    8. This devoted academic.

    9. This fruit elitist.

    10. This guy who's really into genealogy right now.

    11. History's shortest high school romance.

    12. This stickler for grammar.

    13. This guy who knows love is largely the art of persistence.

    14. This master of subtlety.

    15. This captain of all things obvious.

    16. This girl who has her priorities straight.

    17. This guy who accidentally came off as a real heel.

    18. This total PUNk.

    19. The person who's just trying to come out of their shell a little.

    20. This comedian who really values clean humor.

    21. This quick-thinker.

    22. This nature lover.

    23. This uncompromising realist.

    24. This budding meteorologist.

    25. This defeatist.