Here's What Everyone They Transformed On "Queer Eye" Is Up To Now

    Neal is lookin' fiiine.

    Queer Eye is the purest and best show on TV right now, do not @ me. And now that we're all finished binging it, here's what the guys the Fab Five transformed are up to now.

    First up: Tom Jackson from "You Can't Fix Ugly," the very first episode of the season.

    He's on Instagram as well as Twitter, but he posts on Twitter way more.

    Tom and his ex-wife, Abby, had seemed to reconcile at the end of his Queer Eye episode, but unfortunately they're no longer together because love is dead.

    I just watched my episode for about the 20th time. I cry 😭 like a baby 👶 ever time I watch it. Just to let the world 🌎 know, Abby and I are no longer together. She will always be the love ❤️ of my life. I will always love ❤️ her more than anything!!!!!!!

    But he's still a total ROMEO.

    How many people would like a hat like this? Coming soon!!!!!!

    Next up: Neal Reddy, he of the epic beard, from "Saving Sasquatch," the season's second episode.

    Well, Neal is lookin' goooood.

    He's still got the short hair, and is having lots of emo fun with it.

    And he's passing the time by designing ornate couple costumes with his dog. Adorable.

    One last shot, 'cause he's looking so foine.

    And now for Cory Waldrop from "Dega Don't," the season's third episode.

    Cory is still sticking to his grooming regimen!

    Much to the delight of one Jonathan Van Ness.

    He's also experimenting with filters.

    And staying out of that basement and spending quality time with his family.

    He and Karamo Brown are close friends, and talk a lot.

    Next up is Anthony "AJ" Brown, the star of "To Gay Or Not Too Gay," the fourth episode.

    AJ and Dre got engaged!!!

    And now for Bobby Camp from "Camp Rules," the fifth episode.

    According to Jonathan, Bobby and his wife Vera — plus their six kids — moved into a new house recently.

    Now let's revisit Remington Porter, the star of the sixth episode, "The Renaissance of Remington."

    Remy's taking selfies, and serving face like Jonathan taught him.

    He dressed up like a dream for Black Panther.

    And he's still spending lots of time with his gorgeous mom.

    Joe Gallois, star or "Below Average Joe," is pretty active on social media.

    Though he did, ultimately, decide to take down the website Karamo built for him in his episode.

    He's having some fun with the headshots he got during his episode.

    And experimenting with his angles.

    And makin' jokes, of course.

    FUN FACT: I was actually 2/3rd of Destiny’s Child for a short time.

    Lots of jokes.

    There's a lot of showcases on Price is Right that include a dining set that don't cost $31,000. Hope it came with jet skis Doc!

    And last, but absolutely not least, is Jeremy Holmes from the season finale, "Hose Before Bros."

    The Covington Fire Department is doing well, and so is sweet Jeremy. In December 2017, he finished the Designation Program and became Chief Fire Officer, becoming one of only 1,279 CFOs worldwide.

    Facebook: permalink.php

    Jeremy and his wife Bonnie's five adopted children also seem to be doing very well. Jeremy also penned an essay in February about your career vs your calling.

    And that's everyone. Now you know. Fabulous.