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    Here's The Deal With When "The Incredibles" Actually Takes Place

    The plot thickens.

    OK, let's talk about a kinda confusing topic that's been around for 14 years: When exactly is The Incredibles supposed to take place?


    The future? The past? Right now? It's extremely difficult to tell. The movie has an overall kinda 1950s/mid-century vibe.


    But there are modern gadgets, like that iPad-lookin' gizmo Bob uses.


    And Bob's newspaper says 1962, which means it absolutely takes place in the year 1962, right?


    Well, we asked Incredibles creator, writer, and director Brad Bird about it at a press event at Pixar Animation Studios, and he was just as surprised about the date on the newspaper as we were. "I’m glad I’m talking to everybody and finding out what’s in my own movies," he laughed.

    Jesse Grant / Getty Images

    "It's '60s-influenced," he explained, "but it also has gadgets that are more advanced than [what was available in] the '60s — just like a good James Bond movie or an episode of Jonny Quest."


    He also clarified that if the movie does take place specifically in the year 1962, "it’s an alternate 1962; it’s not meant to be the real world."


    So, there you go, kinda. Incredibles 2 opens in theaters June 15.

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