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Here's Our First Look At "The X-Files" Reboot


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So, The X-Files reboot has officially started filming in Vancouver.

Hello Vancouver ? Mulder? Here I come...

And our favorite FBI agents have been treating us to some behind the scenes peeks.



But today we were given the greatest gift of all so far: THE FIRST OFFICIAL PICTURE OF MULDER AND SCULLY BACK IN ACTION.

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OK, so what does this mean?

Why are Scully's legs crossed?

Why are Mulder's legs uncrossed?

Why are they sitting so far apart? Is all that space full of SEXUAL TENSION?

Also why is Mulder looking so unshaven and casually donning aviator sunglasses?

So many questions, but the truth is...well, you know.

The one thing we can all walk away from this knowing for sure is that Scully is still flawless.

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