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Here's Everything We Learned About "Game Of Thrones" At Comic-Con

Sansa might be in big trouble, guys. SPOILERS AHEAD.

San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing, which can only mean one thing: NEW GAME OF THRONES STUFF.

A lot of the key cast and creative minds behind Game of Thrones were at the Comic-Con panel, lookin' good (although some of them are, ya know, dead on the show).

Here's everything we learned.

We did get a quick, behind-the-scenes look at Season 7. No new show footage, but some cool shots that foreshadow Cersei's coming reign...

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...including the Lannister banner and that BLACK SEQUIN LION SLEEVE. So, Cersei's wardrobe will continue to tend black and absolutely fabulous.

George R.R. Martin has known about Hodor's sad fate for years, and the creators thought it was "frickin' cool." UMMM.

We're only getting seven episodes next season because, well, winter is finally here.

Even though the show has surpassed the books now, that doesn't mean everything that happens in the show will happen in the books.

Iwan Rheon played Ramsay Bolton from a place of joy. Yes, joy.

Liam Cunningham (Ser Davos Seaworth) was just as shocked as the rest of us about Shireen.

And he stole the stag Davos gave Shireen for his own daughter. Which, in the end, was kinda terrible.

If Sam does die, John Bradley would like it to be death by books.

Sansa didn't tell Jon about the Knights of the Vale's involvement in the Battle of the Bastards because she wanted the credit for herself.

Yes, Sansa wants to be Queen of the North, but she doesn't want the Iron Throne.

But Sophie Turner does NOT want Sansa and Jon to hook up.

Yes, Sansa doubts Jon's capabilities as a leader. And so does Sophie Turner.

Faye Marsay (the Waif) was so tired from filming her scenes, she fell asleep in a plate of salmon one night.

That moment when Sansa turns back to watch Ramsay being eaten alive is VERY important.

Sansa's future might take a dark, dark turn.

Yes, Kristian Nairn has seen your "hold the door" jokes.

But he thinks Hodor would be happy with the way he died.

Sophie Turner wants LITTLEFINGER on the Iron Throne. Ughhhh.

But Kristian Nairn wants Brienne on the Iron Throne. AND HE'S RIGHT.

And Kit Harington farted a lot on set.

UPDATE: The language of this post has been updated to clarify that the character Shireen is still alive in the books. For now.