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    Here Are All The Major Celebrity Cameos We Spotted In "Ocean's 8"

    Yes, Kim Kardashian shows up.

    As you probably know, the Ocean's movie franchise is famous for celebrity cameos and super meta moments. Remember when Julia Roberts played a character who tried (and failed) to impersonate Julia Roberts in Ocean's 12? Yeah.

    So it should come as no surprise that Ocean's 8 is full of surprise celebrity appearances. Here's everyone we spotted:

    1. Gigi Hadid:

    2. Lily Aldridge:

    3. Heidi Klum:

    4. Olivia Munn:

    5. Kim Kardashian:

    6. Kylie Jenner:

    7. Kendall Jenner:

    8. Katie Holmes:

    9. Zac Posen:

    10. Derek Blasberg:

    11. Lauren Santo Domingo:

    12. Serena Williams:

    13. Maria Sharapova:

    14. Sofía Sanchez de Betak, aka Chufy:

    15. Hamish Bowles:

    16. Waris Ahluwalia:

    17. Kevin Brown:

    18. Dakota Fanning:

    19. And, of course, Anna Wintour:

    Did we miss any? Sound off in the comments below, and here's a Cate GIF for the road:

    Oceans 8 is in theaters now!

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