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Everyone's Debating One Detail In "Jurassic World"

Warning: Footwear spoilers ahead.

Jurassic World opened this weekend and had the biggest opening weekend ever.

And people seemed to have a pretty good time overall.

Owen Grady was pretty universally thirsted for.

And the breakout stars were almost certainly the raptors.

(Seriously, the raptors were rad.)

And we were gifted with a new heroine, Claire Dearing — played by Bryce Dallas Howard.

But many viewers noticed one very specific detail about Claire.

Can we talk about the fact that Claire from Jurassic World spent 95% of the movie SPRINTING in heels

And so the Jurassic World Heels Debate of 2015 began.

yo Claire take those heels off!!!!! 😡 #JurassicWorld

Some firmly believed it was a deeply unrealistic choice for the character.

The most unrealistic thing about #JurassicWorld is that they made Bryce Dallas Howard wear high heels THE ENTIRE TIME

'Cause come on, who can successfully out-sprint dinosaurs in heels?!

Others fondly remembered the simpler, booted days of Dr. Ellie Sattler.

The female lead in Jurassic World is "afraid of heights, dislikes bugs, and wears high heels". ELLIE SATTLER WHERE ARE YOU WHEN WE NEED YOU.

Ahh, what times those were.

Other people thought that was just not true.

After all, Bryce "insisted on wearing those heels."

And planted themselves firmly in the pro-heels camp.

Really, really firmly.

Others thought the heels, if anything, made Claire more badass.

And were secretly the real MVP.

"The heels are rad!" said some.

"The heels suck!" said others.

Jurassic World was a 9/10 until I saw that chick outrun a TRex in heels. 8.5/10

Even Frankie Grande weighed in.

I thought only a Grande could sprint in heels. Well done Bryce Dallas Howard. Well done. 👠👠 #jurassicworld

And at the end of the day, there was just no conclusion.