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The Saddest Storyline In "Love Actually" Just Got Even Sadder

Yep, he cheated on her.

Richard Curtis, the writer and director of Love Actually, recently saw the movie for the first time in a theater since its premiere.

And lucky for us, Emma Freud (his partner and script editor for Love Actually) live-tweeted the whole thing.

At a midnight screening of Love Actually on 6th avenue. 1st time richard has seen the movie in a cinema since the premiere.

She treated us to all kinds of fun facts, like how she cast her mum in the film.

Remember the housekeeper in the hugh grant arriving at Downing Street line up? That was my mum. And still is. #loveactually

And her kids!

AND THIS IS JAKE. I gave birth to him. #LoveActually

And her brother-in-law (kind of).

Richard only called colin firth's character 'jamie' so the kids could say 'I hate uncle jamie'. His brother is called jamie. #LoveActually

For everyone who feared for Martin Freeman's private bits, fear no more.

Just incase you were worried, martin freeman had a little sock on his willy. #LoveActually

For everyone who deeply admired that Colin Firth kiss, you have Emma to thank.

I 'designed' the kiss between colin firth and the Portuguese girl. My signature move? His thumb on her lip before they snog. #boom


That thumb! That was 100% my idea. #LoveActually

January Jones was hilarious, apparently.

January jones wrote half of her lines. She was sooooo funny when we filmed that scene. #LoveActually

And Sam had some serious moves in the original cut of the film.

In the original edit sam did amazing parcour all through the airport when he ran to find his girlfriend. #LoveActually

She even disproved one of our theories!

@Oh_You_Bastard will check but think it's coincidence.he doesn't have a very large repertoire of names and probably forgot karen was emma's.

Oh, and remember Rufus (Rowan Atkinson), the jewelry salesman? Well, he was originally an angel.

He was meant to be an angel but we cut that bit in the edit. Thank goodness. #LoveActually


Originally Rowan's character over-wrapped the gift on purpose to stop Alan rickman being able to buy the necklace. Because he was an angel.


Remember? Harry (Alan Rickman) begins a flirtation with his secretary Mia (Heike Makatsch) even though he's married to the human personification of perfection, Karen (Emma Thompson)?

Emma remembers.

You know that bit when Alan rickman's secretary in the office parts her legs in his direction? Still makes me want to puke. #LoveActually

Well, we see Mia wearing the necklace Harry bought her, but we never really find out if Harry truly had an affair. Was it just a necklace? Or sex and a necklace? Or, worst of all, a necklace and love?

Welp, now we know. Harry 100% cheated on Karen. All the way.

@carlotta429 DEFINITELY had an affair. i begged richard just to make it a flirtation, but no. the whole way.

And they do stay together, like we saw in the end of the film, but it's never the same.

@JPerlstrom they stay together but home isn't as happy as it once was.

Oh, and just in case you weren't feeling bad enough, remember sweet Sarah (Laura Linney) and her true love Karl (Rodrigo Santoro)?

They never got together. They were "doomed."

@debbiejoanne20 @RadioTimes nope. doomed.

And Sarah met a "tragic" ending.


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