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    The Actor Who Plays Chief Hopper Is Haunted By Barb's Fate On "Stranger Things"

    He's a babe. Spoilers ahead.

    Chief Hopper is, without a doubt, the hottest dude in all of Hawkins, Indiana.

    And David Harbour, the actor who plays Hopper on Stranger Things, is also a total smokeshow.

    Today, Harbour blessed us with a Reddit AMA, and answered some fan questions/shed some light on the super hot but also kinda mysterious Hawkins Police Chief.

    Harbour digs that the season ended on a note of uncertainty — getting into that car, leaving those Eggos in the woods — and sees Hopper as a sort of Han Solo-type.

    "i like the fact that we leave the series on a note of uncertainty with hopper. i feel like hopper will read the line of the dark side a bit. [I'd] like to see him really do some dangerous things and then emerge as the han solo that we all know him to be later on."

    Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) is the least like her character in life — and, bonus, this might not be the first conspiracy Hopper's been involved in.

    "we are all kinda close to our roles i think, except millie who in life is much sillier than 11. I'm kinda silly too but deep down i am very jim hopper. much more to hop, much more to conspiracies he's lived thru...more to be revealed..."

    Harbour has a "fatherly affection" for Brown, and he had a great friendship with Winona Ryder on set.

    "i loved winona. we had a very old friends kind of relationship. we would get mad at each other and fight and then be all lovey dovey, she was great. i also had a very fatherly affection for millie who plays eleven."

    In fact, he thinks Joyce (Winona Ryder) and Hopper should get together — and yes, he knows Hopper is a womanizer.

    "yeah he sleeps with inappropriate matches ['cause] he can't deal with real intimacy. i think he and joyce should get together but we'll see"

    And, of course, he chose waffles over pancakes — he knows Eleven sees all.

    But perhaps most importantly, when a fan asked him his feelings about Barb, HE SAID HE IS HAUNTED BY HER FATE.

    "barb, barb,,....haunts me"