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I Just Need To Know If You Think Cereal Is A Soup

I'm all ears for compelling cases.

So it's Soup Week here on BuzzFeed Dot Com. It's only day one and I'm already having a meltdown about what "soup" actually is.

We all know the classic pot-stirring question, "Is a hot dog a sandwich?" And before you go and get all riled up about that one, I raise you ANOTHER question.


A bowl of cereal surrounded by toppings like dried fruit and berries.

Enough people want to know the answer to this question that it is one of the *most searched* questions related to my initial query, "what constitutes a soup?"

"People Also Ask" from a Google search, featuring questions about the basic ingredients of soup, what are the five soup groups, and — most importantly — "is cereal a soup?"

I mean, I think it's a valid question. What is a soup if not a liquidy base, hot or cold, with some other food items floating around in it? Would a wheat or rice product suspended in milk by any other name still taste as sweet?

A young woman smiling eating a bowl of cereal.

So this is the part where I invite you to use your voice, to cast your vote, to answer the age-old question: Is cereal... soup?

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